Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Another absolute gem from the master of music at Killed by Death. I would kill a baby to own a physical copy of this ep. Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect power pop from Canada in the early eighties. Raw, fun, angsty and crazy. If you like exploding hearts, ramones and beach boys then i guarantee you will love this. I still havnt been able to find the only LP they did online but when i do ill upload it.
Ive actually got a band together and want to play power pop/new wave punk like this but im useless and cant even begin to think about writing lyrics. ive been told by my friends i have to start a band so watch this space i guess. When i do, the band will be called 'Teen City' in honour of this outstanding record.

Curb Crawl

So more bands are sending me their records to upload but im slack as fuck so take forever uploading them. Apologies lads.
Curb Crawl are a new band from leeds and they have come up with a good little demo. Four tracks of no bullshit aggressive, fast and in your face stompy hardcore. You know i cant describe bands so if you like xfilesx, poison idea, never again, nowhere fast blah blah blah then check this out. i hope to get em down for a kingston show soon. Nice work boys. Something in the water in leeds.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Band of the Week: GOOD LUCK - UK TOUR

Good Luck are a band i discovered far too late for my liking but oh well they are one of my favourite bands now and they arrive in the UK on Friday to embark on their first UK tour. They are Ginger (ex one reason) Matt (Matty Pop chart) and Mike and they come from Bloomington, Indiana.

I heard some friends talking about them so downloaded their debut record 'Into lake Griffy' and it blew my mind. The guitar playing is insane. the harmonies are beautiful between Ginger and Matt and the songs are catchy as hell. Basically this record totally owns and if you like Lemuria, weakerthans, superchunk, little lungs, discount and fun summery sounding indie/pop/punk then you should ADORE Good Luck.

I have the honour of putting on their first ever UK show in Kingston and could not be more excited! I managed to get some of my favourite bands on the show too so its going to be a blast. Hope you can make it!

Ginger of the Band has Kindly allowed me to upload their debut album and 2010 single so check both out below, learn the words and go and see them around the uk over the next two weeks. All the dates are listed on their myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/wearegoodluck

Into Lake Griffy:


2010 Demo:


Enjoy and hopefully see you at a show.