Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Observers

I have been so slack with this blog so time to rectify. The football is on so what better excuse. First off i give you one of my favourite punk records from a band i will probably never see but listen to weekly. Portland's, The Observers. It is difficult to pin down exactly what they sound like but its punk, garage, post-punk with some grooving but hard sounds and very intelligent lyrics. The Observers are so abrasive yet so melodic and make you want to dance while screaming about how fucked the world is. Too many this is one of the most important punk albums to exist and i am in that camp. Sadly they split up in 2005 but the singer now fronts the Red Dons who absolutely kick ass and ill upload their stuff next but until then check out 'So What's Left Now' i managed to finally buy a copy of this at the recent Red Dons show in London and this has inspired this post. I think Daniel, Red Dons said it was cool to upload so check it out

Tell your children... they have to diiiie