Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tigers Jaw - Band of the Week

Tigers Jaw play beautiful, upbeat and catchy music. Yet again another awesome band to come out of Philly and a band i had no idea were so popular over here. I went to a hardcore all dayer a few weeks ago and the Tigers Jaw LP was played over the PA the whole gig and loads of people were singing along. I thought id message the band and tell them this and see if i could upload their shit to my blog and Dennis kindly agreed. This is a long overdue post but there are just too many bands and not enough time! Anyways this is perfect summery pop punk/indiemo. If you dig Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, American Football, Slingshot Dakota, Lemuria and the like then im pretty sure you will fall in love with this. The album slays. Great mix of songs and one song that WILL get stuck in your head. I, like a lot of people, really hope this band comes over soon but the fact that Tigers Jaw havnt even toured the US yet shows we have a bit of a wait. They are still in college and lacking in funds but i imagine when they do come over it will be a big deal. Don't sleep on this. It rules 2008 EP LP

SPRAYNARD - This band could be your life

2009 was all about Spraynard. From my best buddy Sean receiving an email from Sean of Runner Up Records (sweet label, get into it) with a link to their demo, to listening to it and being BLOWN AWAY and then getting to know them on facebook, helping book a uk tour, finally meeting them and then following the whole uk tour around in the summer and to top it all getting my first tattoo which was the Spraynard logo. This band and that tour encompass everything i love about music.
Mark, Pat and Dos are three vegan snack eating/ video gaming kids from West Chester, Pennsylvania and they are three of the nicest dudes you could ever meet. They have only been around a year and a half but have already released a demo tape, two splits and recently released their debut LP on Runner Up Records and all their releases rule. They play a sweet mix of Latterman/Get Bent and one of their best biggest influences is 'Plow United' an old West Chester band who they all grew up listening too and gave them the inspiration to start a band. Spraynard have been working hard to 'save' their scene by organising house shows, booking on tour bands to play their town and re energising a tired scene. An inspiration to any band just starting who prove that you can just pick up instruments, release records and tour the otherside of the world. A testiment to DIY.
Last summer i was living on a sofa, awaiting retakes and earning about 50 pounds a week to hold a sign in the street. I sold some records, saved two weeks wages and followed them around the country on mega buses and trains and in cars with my friends. It was one of the best times of my life and i have to thank anyone that put a show on, put me and my friends up and went and supported these guys, Break the Habit for being their tour buddies and making it happen and Spraynard for actually coming over! Special thanks to Sean for ensuring it was one of the best times of my life.
Ive uploaded the discog so go nuts. You can still buy the LP in most distros and from Runner Up Records, buy the Dave House LP too, he and it are the best. You can pick up the splits too, keep your eyes open. Captain We're sinking Split Debut Album, Cut and Paste

Monday, 8 March 2010

Comadre - DIY OR DIE

Comadre are fucking rad! It took me a while to realise this despite seeing them destroy a warehouse at Fest 7. About 6 months ago i finally took the time to check em out and was blown away by the record 'Burn Your Bones' Its frantic, its angry, its melodic in places and then full on screamo and it plain fucking rules. Just from looking through pics i can see that their shows are insane and people go mental for this band and rightly so. If you dig Ampere, Refused and Punch then you will be into this.
Hailing from RADwood City, California, Comadre are as DIY as they come. Following 5 years of destruction they have released two LPs, couple of EPs, a split, a ridiculous amount of tours across the world and made a bunch of friends along the way.
They have their own blog where they upload mixtapes that include their songs and their friend's bands. Ive discovered some cool bands through this in particular awesome hip-hop band ATLAS and raging hardcore in the form of Glasses so thanks Comadre. Check it out:
Kenny has kindly said its cool for me to upload some stuff so here are their two LPs and one mixtape for you to check out. I guarantee you will be screaming along in 5 listens max.
I'm unbelievably stoked to say that they are coming to the uk in July with Punch and yeah go see them or fail forever. Ill post up the dates closer to the time.

SHOOK ONES - Band of the Week

Shook Ones are from Seattle, Washington and they play melodic hardcore punk better than everyone else. If you like Kid Dynamite and Lifetime then you will either love this or the chances are you love them already. Facetious Folly Feat is one of the definitive bedroom dancing/moshing albums and continually blows my mind. On the split with Easel they wrote one of the greatest songs of all time in 'order form' which is basically a letter from the singer to his girlfriend telling her he cannot marry her when same sex marriage is still not legal. Their lyrics are poignant, their singalongs are heartfelt and they write the catchies and most danceable songs around. Im amazed the singer has any throat left from the way he sings. One of the most honest, hardworking and consistent bands around and every time i see them its a total party with all my friends. Not many bands come close to making me feel even half as much as shooks do. Ive travelled far and wide to see them and will continue to do so until they stop and i hope they never do.

One of the coolest things ive ever been a part of is this: im like an excited school boy in this and it fills me with joy.

I have been given permission to upload their entire discography by the guitarist and im shit with names so totally forgotten what he was called. Anyway here it is before i seriously embarrass myself talking about this band.

Facetious Folly Feat:
The Unquoteable A.M.H:
Slaughter of the Insole:
Easel Split: *disclaimer* order form will change your life:
End of a Year Split:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Self Destruct - UK Hardcore RIP

Self Destruct are a ridiculously underrated UK hardcore band who are sadly defunct now but i feel you need to know about them. Hailing from Leeds, they started in 2005 and finished i guess in 2008. I asked to put them on and got a reply saying we are finished, i hope i wasnt the reason haha! Im assuming the name is in reference to the Adolescents song of the same name so you can tell this is gonna be ripping 80s influenced hardcore. That is exactly what you get but with the addition of a rock n roll tinge. They clearly love Negative Approach and bands like Government Warning, Adolescents and Zero Boys (Even cover 'Outta style') I never got to see this band and im massively bummed out about this as the two 7"s i have are sweet. The second one 'All my friends are dead' has the BEST artwork as you can see in the pic on the left, i urge you to buy this record and the other one for the artwork alone. You can play find all the hardcore records on the sleeve.

I havnt asked permission coz i didnt want to wait ages for a response but here is the debut Self Titled 7" and the second 7". As always buy these if you can. Enjoy. Spread the word. Band rules. RIP