Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hit the Beach - Discography

Ive been planning to unleash this on the world for far too long so here it is. I give you HIT THE BEACH. You know that band Bangers who along with the Arteries are currently destroying every venue in the uk? Well before they were Bangers they were actually a Summer time only party thrash/hardcore band who sang songs exclusively about the beach and wore speedos when they played. Im not joking here, just wait until you listen. The only difference in the lineup to Bangers is Andrew is on guitar and Roo is on bass instead of vice versa as they are now. You will recognise the rasping vocals immediately and i guarantee you will love this and then get pissed off you never saw them. The band's main influence i guess is the 80's film 'Surf Nazis Must Die' which is like a seaside version of the Warriors. Check out the trailer here and then watch it, crazy film, you will recognise some samples from the songs in the movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8LV1S2q2GA I had the pleasure of seeing this band twice but its not nearly enough and every Bangers show i just want them to leap into some Hit The Beach as they did at a house show i put on last summer in my bedroom.
If you can get past the genius song titles and bring yourself to listen then please do. 1 minute thrash songs about sandcastles, crabs, david hasselhoff, lifeguards and general beach shenanigans. If i ever have money in my life id love to release both these eps on vinyl but until then, enjoy:
Stay beween the flags kids

Arteries - Dead Sea (New Album)

Welcome to the worst blog on the internet. Swansea's The Arteries have been making waves across the country over the last two years and having just toured up to fest again with New Jersey's Static Radio and tours with dead to me, flatliners and another european tour already booked for 2011 i can seriously see this band becoming the 'punk' band in the country.
The new album dead sea came out just over a month ago and is phenomonal. I have no idea how they do it but they can blend melody, rock n roll, shredding guitars, blistering drums, perfect harmonies and the catchiest hooks since... well the first arteries album.
Ive already seen these songs live three times and they nail it everytime. This album in some respects is very different to 'Blood, Sweat and Beers' that album is very poppy and chorusy yet still super fast and intense. This album has the poppy songs and choruses but also has a rock as fuck aspect and some pure guitar sections which build up to these intense instrumentals. Miles' voice has got stronger and he really lets rip in this record. Reading this i sound like a twat so im going to stop there and just say check this out coz it rules. If you have not seen them live a) where have you been and b) do it now. They are having a small break now having been on tour since the summer but be sure to check them on the flatliners tour next year.
Arteries' friend and all round awesome chap, Andrew Bangers' label 'Specialist Subject Records' has released the cd version and you should buy it right now from here if you like the first album, The Bronx, The Steal, ACDC and Descendents and the beach: http://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/product/the-arteries-dead-sea-cd-pre-order should be getting a vinyl release early next year in the USA, label to be confirmed so watch out for that too, record nerdz.
I have kindly been allowed to upload a couple of tracks from the album so get a taste and then buy it friends.
Don't Come Around no more: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b6ujxx
Listen to N.W.A.