Monday, 13 December 2010

Some Sort of Threat (RORY) Dude of the Week

I first came across Rory at the Spraynard Swansea show back in the summer of 2009. He blew my mind to be honest. 16 years old and playing guitar better than anyone id seen play acoustic. Political, honest and unique and so so so young we can only expect bigger things. Already penned by many as the next Jon Shoe of the Cut Ups, Rory has a bright future and its a pleasure to be a friend. I picked up his demo and congratulated him after the above show and he has since released an album entitled 'Tangles' which you can download below. If you like Dave House, Gordon Ganos Army, Russ Substance, Weakerthans, ONSIND, Cynics and just general, honest folk music then check out both his EP (written when he was very young but showed so much promise) and his new album.
Im still yet to get Exter's finest to Kingston but hopefully soon. He is also in another band called False Arrests, you should check them out too
Enjoy. Drop him a line on his myspace and get him to play your garden, garage, venue, house. He will probably say yes.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snowing - Band of the week

There is a group on lastfm called 'Get Rad' dedicated to emo and from this group i discovered a tonne of bands and Snowing were one of the first i fell in love with. I remember some kid uploading this 5 track demo that did not even have song names. Twiddly, shouty and party and fucking catchy. I was hooked and head over heels. The proper ep then came out which you can download from the ever fantastic IFYOUMAKEIT site: track 5 is the jam, amazing demo. featuring ex members of Street Smart Cyclist who ive uploaded on here already: Snowing slay. I had the pleasure of meeting Nathaniel, one of the guitarists, in Philly the night after Kid Dynamite as i needed a place to stay. Turned out the guy who hooked me up was THE Sam Rudich of the Snowing song, they couldnt think of a name so just named it after their friend, too good. He played me the album their and i loved it. 'I could do whatever i wanted if i wanted' just came out this week and it rules. definitely gonna be in my top ten of 2010 so get involved if you love algernon (obvious comparison) cap n jazz, grown ups, spraynard, hightide hotel, by surprise, 1994 blah blah blah emo/philly rules.

Check out the new album here:

Come to the uk soon please guys. i want to party.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hit the Beach - Discography

Ive been planning to unleash this on the world for far too long so here it is. I give you HIT THE BEACH. You know that band Bangers who along with the Arteries are currently destroying every venue in the uk? Well before they were Bangers they were actually a Summer time only party thrash/hardcore band who sang songs exclusively about the beach and wore speedos when they played. Im not joking here, just wait until you listen. The only difference in the lineup to Bangers is Andrew is on guitar and Roo is on bass instead of vice versa as they are now. You will recognise the rasping vocals immediately and i guarantee you will love this and then get pissed off you never saw them. The band's main influence i guess is the 80's film 'Surf Nazis Must Die' which is like a seaside version of the Warriors. Check out the trailer here and then watch it, crazy film, you will recognise some samples from the songs in the movie. I had the pleasure of seeing this band twice but its not nearly enough and every Bangers show i just want them to leap into some Hit The Beach as they did at a house show i put on last summer in my bedroom.
If you can get past the genius song titles and bring yourself to listen then please do. 1 minute thrash songs about sandcastles, crabs, david hasselhoff, lifeguards and general beach shenanigans. If i ever have money in my life id love to release both these eps on vinyl but until then, enjoy:
Stay beween the flags kids

Arteries - Dead Sea (New Album)

Welcome to the worst blog on the internet. Swansea's The Arteries have been making waves across the country over the last two years and having just toured up to fest again with New Jersey's Static Radio and tours with dead to me, flatliners and another european tour already booked for 2011 i can seriously see this band becoming the 'punk' band in the country.
The new album dead sea came out just over a month ago and is phenomonal. I have no idea how they do it but they can blend melody, rock n roll, shredding guitars, blistering drums, perfect harmonies and the catchiest hooks since... well the first arteries album.
Ive already seen these songs live three times and they nail it everytime. This album in some respects is very different to 'Blood, Sweat and Beers' that album is very poppy and chorusy yet still super fast and intense. This album has the poppy songs and choruses but also has a rock as fuck aspect and some pure guitar sections which build up to these intense instrumentals. Miles' voice has got stronger and he really lets rip in this record. Reading this i sound like a twat so im going to stop there and just say check this out coz it rules. If you have not seen them live a) where have you been and b) do it now. They are having a small break now having been on tour since the summer but be sure to check them on the flatliners tour next year.
Arteries' friend and all round awesome chap, Andrew Bangers' label 'Specialist Subject Records' has released the cd version and you should buy it right now from here if you like the first album, The Bronx, The Steal, ACDC and Descendents and the beach: should be getting a vinyl release early next year in the USA, label to be confirmed so watch out for that too, record nerdz.
I have kindly been allowed to upload a couple of tracks from the album so get a taste and then buy it friends.
Don't Come Around no more:
Listen to N.W.A.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Jean Mills Society Torch

Ive been meaning to upoad this record for ages. After i saw Deep Sleep at Fest 7 i got chatting to the drummer Mike for ages and he told me about a bunch of rad bands and his great label: Wallride Records and gave me a few records to take home and check out. This was one of them. Super hyper pissed of thrash/hardcore from Maryland featuring members from a tonne of ex and current bands inclduing deep sleep. The lyrics to this record are hilarious, poking fun at the police, education and and how music isnt metal enough anymore to give a few examples. I fucking love this 7" and i hope you do to. Don't think they played many shows and this is definitely hard to find so check it out. The guitar solos alone will make you air guitar your arse off and i guarantee you will be hadbanging by mid way through. Killer record.

Crazy Spirit - Band of the Week

I was fortunate enough to go to Philly just over a month ago to see Kid Dynamite play at This is Hardcore. During the week Nazi Dust played a massive warehouse in north philly. It was at this show that i picked up the Crazy Spirit tape. Its great. More obscure 80's influenced hardcore from New York. Bands that come to mind when i listen are Void, Jerry's Kids and Vile. If that is your bag then get into this demo. ive been listening to it a lot lately.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nomos - Discography

Nomos are from Brooklyn, New York and fucking kill it. First heard about these through my buddy sean and picked up the demo. It rules. Super fast and angry as hell tear it up style hardcore. Some of the best artwork ive seen on a record too. I featured one song on my top 12 songs of last year upload. you should check it out. Nomos just released their debut LP, a one-sided 12". Its a lot darker, heavier and
broodier than the demo and split but upon first listen its still killer. Would seriously love to see this band live. Hopefully one day, COME TO THE UK PLEASE. I picked this up from the you should check it out. blog shits on mine and has a million amazing bands. Nomos are totally down with downloads so check out the demo, split with the men and new record below. pick up their stuff from deranged or distros if you are lucky!
One of the best hardcore bands around by far. Don't sleep on this. One-sided 12" 'Notes from the Ancheron'

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pacer - debut 10" out now

Pacer are the second band to form from the ashes of the steal featuring the other two stooges: Dave and Mark. First saw them play with shook ones at the cocks and that is one band they definitely sound like and are influenced by. they have those short, punchy choruses you can't really sing along too and they are very fast 90% of the time.

Chunksaah, home of The Bouncing Souls, decided they liked the sound so much they would release their debut record and sort them a short US tour up to the fest where they are also playing.
This band features so much musical prowess and history that it was never going to be shit and its fast, fun and bouncy punk rock with Mark's distinctive vocals giving it that edge so many bands lack and the poppiest guitar lines. I think shook ones, new mexican distaster squad, and Osker and the lyrics and some of the music is so The Steal's first record which is never a bad thing. Im well into their debut effort and the record is lovingly packaged and in an assortment of colours for you vinyl nerds. Cannot wait for more!

Here is the 'hit' Circles around a square: if you like what you hear then watch a video and maybe buy the record here:


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Myles Pereira - Of Pears and Figs

I met Myles a few years ago through mutual friends and a love of hardcore and at the beginning of the year a video emerged of Myles playing a banjo around a fire somewhere in the woods. To put it simply his voice blew my mind. I had no idea he even sang so it was such a surprise.

i spoke to him about how much i loved his voice one night in Kingston and said i wanted to put him on and so on April 6th i saw him live for the first time. it was unreal. He swapped between acoustic guitar and a banjo and had these beautifully crafted songs and the most amazing voice. the whole room was dead silent and everyone was in awe. country/folk/bluegrass straight from the heart.

coz im a dick i had no idea his debut ep was up for free download and has been for a few months now. Myles wants everyone to hear it so hopefully you will check it out. When i listen to this ep i just feel like im walking through the woods towards a log cabin on top of a mountain and a roaring fire waiting for me. This music paints a picture in your mind. So good.

I have not read the lyrics but he describes them as 'bittersweet' i think its uplifting yet emotional. my first listen ten minutes ago i got goosebumps. i think you will too.

I doth my cap Myles. Hopefully get some full band stuff next... i cannot wait.


My first memory of Giles was seeing him getting wanked off by his best friend Tom as part of a bet. It only really goes downhill from there. Just kidding, Giles is seriously a massive inspiration to anyone who just wants to get out there, play as many shows as possible, anywhere, any place, any time and sing from their heart.

When his ska band 'Frank Butcher and the Slags' split up Giles was lost so he picked up an acoustic and taught himself guitar, wrote some songs and then played them everywhere to anyone. toilets, gig queues, bedrooms, trains. Since then he has become a staple support slot in kingston, brighton, manchester and basically getting everywhere. If he can get a train he will play. He has supported some of his favourite bands and is building a strong following of backing singers. Watching him live, i get goosebumps. It really is an honour to have him as a friend as he is really 'living the dream' When i saw Against me the other week i did notice that Giles rips them off massively so of you like against me, billy bragg, frank Turner then you will like this. fuck it, if you like genuine, honest and inspiring music you should love this. Go and see him live and be humbled and blown away by his passion.

Giles just released his debut 7" following a split with We Grow Beards from Dorking and its amazing. It includes the Paint it Black cover, endorsed by Yemin haha and the 7 rules. You can Download it at the bottom of this post but you really should buy it:

I don't know how else to persuade you to check this out. Everytime i see him play and see people sing along i just feel more positive than ever. A true hero of the underground punk scene.

Nice one Ten Pumps

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Atlas: Beauty and the Blues

If you read my shit regularly then you may remember me mentioning a real good hip hop band called ATLAS who feature on a Comadre mixtape with a sick song called 'delerium'. Dexter, the rapper in Atlas, messaged me asking if i wanted to host their debut album 'Beauty and the blues' and i definitely was not going to say no! Its fucking awesome. Like super awesome. I have no idea how to describe hip hop but this is basically fucking awesome and you should download it and let me know what you think.

Im totally stoked to host such a sweet record so please check it out. They Hail from California and are currently looking into finding a full band to start playing shows. So yeah keep your eyes peeled.

Here it is:


Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Another absolute gem from the master of music at Killed by Death. I would kill a baby to own a physical copy of this ep. Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect power pop from Canada in the early eighties. Raw, fun, angsty and crazy. If you like exploding hearts, ramones and beach boys then i guarantee you will love this. I still havnt been able to find the only LP they did online but when i do ill upload it.
Ive actually got a band together and want to play power pop/new wave punk like this but im useless and cant even begin to think about writing lyrics. ive been told by my friends i have to start a band so watch this space i guess. When i do, the band will be called 'Teen City' in honour of this outstanding record.

Curb Crawl

So more bands are sending me their records to upload but im slack as fuck so take forever uploading them. Apologies lads.
Curb Crawl are a new band from leeds and they have come up with a good little demo. Four tracks of no bullshit aggressive, fast and in your face stompy hardcore. You know i cant describe bands so if you like xfilesx, poison idea, never again, nowhere fast blah blah blah then check this out. i hope to get em down for a kingston show soon. Nice work boys. Something in the water in leeds.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Band of the Week: GOOD LUCK - UK TOUR

Good Luck are a band i discovered far too late for my liking but oh well they are one of my favourite bands now and they arrive in the UK on Friday to embark on their first UK tour. They are Ginger (ex one reason) Matt (Matty Pop chart) and Mike and they come from Bloomington, Indiana.

I heard some friends talking about them so downloaded their debut record 'Into lake Griffy' and it blew my mind. The guitar playing is insane. the harmonies are beautiful between Ginger and Matt and the songs are catchy as hell. Basically this record totally owns and if you like Lemuria, weakerthans, superchunk, little lungs, discount and fun summery sounding indie/pop/punk then you should ADORE Good Luck.

I have the honour of putting on their first ever UK show in Kingston and could not be more excited! I managed to get some of my favourite bands on the show too so its going to be a blast. Hope you can make it!

Ginger of the Band has Kindly allowed me to upload their debut album and 2010 single so check both out below, learn the words and go and see them around the uk over the next two weeks. All the dates are listed on their myspace page:

Into Lake Griffy:

2010 Demo:

Enjoy and hopefully see you at a show.

Monday, 21 June 2010


rvivr have an LP out on Rumbletown Records and Erica has kindly said i can upload it. Expect a visit from them in October, fingers crossed i get a kingston or Guildford show. Get stoked. This album rules. perfect summery pop punk.
if you havn't heard of them, read this: and get involved.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Street Smart Cyclist - Band of the Week

Street Smart Cyclist were incredible. From Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley they were at the forefront of the emo/math/rock revival in America and all the bands that exist now doing this would have taken some influence from Street Smart. You could argue the one 7" they released and the the unreleased acoustic demo and one unreleased song is better than most bands full discogs. They are THAT good.
After one tour of half of the east of the US they had their equipment stolen in North Carolina and split up shortly after that. Their memory will live on for many years in all the bands doing this sound in philly and the surrounding area and again im gutted ill never see this band or get to scream to 'Hoods Up' in my lifetime. This is as good as it gets.
Members went on to form Snowing who slay. ill post about 'em soon.
Anyway here is the short but minblowing discog. one 7", one acoustic ep and two unreleased songs

Pirouette - Thinking in Subtitles

Pirouette are another amazing band from Philly who i doubt ill ever have the pleasure of seeing. They have been around since 2006 and its crazy how they arnt more popular considering the reaction algernon cadwallader get in the US and in Europe. They play a perfect brand of twiddlemopop and have the catchiest songs and the most beautiful instrumental parts and the vocals are superb. I could gush over this album forever. Im not sure they even exist anymore and if they do im pretty sure its just two of them. Either way if you dig algernon cadwallader/cap n jazz, grown ups, by surprise, promise ring, everyone everywhere(who feature members of pirouette and just released a new LP, get involved) blah blah blah then download this and let me know what you think. This record is worth it for 'Clinton wasn't on a bill, he was one' alone. Best love song.
Im going to Philly in August to see Kid Dynamite. I would LOVE to see Pirouette too, may be my only chance.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

GROWN UPS - Band of 2010

I know it is only June but having seen Grown ups in Kingston, London and then having them play a house show in Kingston on tuesday to celebrate me being 22 i can safety say they are one of the best bands in the world, have one of the best LPs released this year and are the best dudes.

I don't really have much else to say. Ive posted about them before and seeing them live blew my already high expectations to pieces. They were PHENOMONAL. So fast, so fun and so party. Grown Ups again are another band that reaffirm my love for music. kids, touring the world and doing it for the fun and the adventure. I cannot speak highly enough of this band.

If you came tuesday, thanks for making it a night i will NEVER forget.

Here is their debut LP: 'More Songs' Already a contender for record of the year. Near perfect. Some serious Pop hits and they re-recorded the four songs on their debut demo. Definitely check this out.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

10 Speed Bicycle - Band of the week

My buddies Kai and Tommy of can't relate fame and Jimmy have started an emo/punk band called 10 Speed bicycle and ive been listening to two rough demos all morning and its fucking brilliant and a breath of fresh air for the UK anyway. if you love snowing, street smart cyclist, cap n jazz and latterman then you will love this. Im excited to put them on next tuesday at a secret house show im doing with my friend Lexie to celebrate being 22. Im gonna get Dave If You make it involved in this too coz its right up his and everyone who loves his website's street.

anyway, this is rad. download two demos HERE:

too good.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Wipers - Band of the Week

I post about so many great bands from Portland, Oregon and you could argue that many would not exist if it was not for the Wipers. Formed in 1977, Wipers were one of the early purveyors of the punk genre in America. Guitarist Greg Sage looked at music as art rather than entertainment and thought music was personal to the listener and not the commodity. With this in mind they started off as a recording project and never planned to advertise or tour. The plan was to release 15 LPs in ten years. It soon became apparent this would never work. music is a business after all. Sage learned that he could never be a true artist. In 1979 their debut record 'is this real' was released and is still hailed today as one of the greatest punk albums despite at the time, never being or wishing to be a punk band. Heavy distortion, tight song strcuture, driving vocals with words being spat out and amazing lyrics. this band fucking ruled and you should definitely check out their debut record below and also 'over the edge' and 'youth of america' all inspired. Recently been repressed by Greg and Jackpot records, hunt them down. Dont be fooled, they may seem like an arty band with arty fans but this is perfect 80s punk.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Real Kids

The Real Kids were a boston punk rock band who started in 1972 as an offshoot from the Modern Lovers (ive never heard them so am downloading their record now!) Formerly called the Kids they played a brilliant mix of ramones, beach boys, chuck berry but were very much a 'punk' band. They still play shows every now and then and id love to see them. Their one and only record 'The Real Kids' was released in 1978 and is in my opinion, perfect. check it out and let me know what you think. I guarantee the opening track will get stuck in your head and you will hum it walking down the street. Perfect.
here is another record, dont know anything about it but it rules:

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Killers - Not the shit one

This 7" is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Probably two of the catchiest and most fun and ridiculous songs ive ever heard. Literally top of the pops. A new wave band from Cleveland they were around from 1979 to 1984 and were first called 'Insanity and the Killers' I cant speak highly of these two songs enough. Ive had no luck hunting down their LP but hopefully one day. there are tonnes of vids on youtube so its all good. Anyway download these two pop ditties and get smiling. So fucking good. Lyrics are hilarious.
Oh yeah, would never have even heard of this band and a tonne of otherS if it was not for one of the best websites to ever exist: go to the last page and download everything working backwards, you will be doing it for months but your quality of life will improve dramatically

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson, so named after the the prolific british prisoner, regarded as the most violent prisoner in british history, were a powerviolence band from Illinois and they like everyone else i post about, fucking ruled. Mixing powerviolence, youth crew, satirical lyrics aimed at the hardcore scene and media samples, mostly from Charles Bronson films (a famous american actor, renowned for his tough guy image) they were around from 1994 to 1997 and are seen to have alongside los Crudos, revived the thrashcore scene. The singer, Mark McCoy went on to form Das Oath, another incredible fastcore/powerviolence band. There are too many names for this shit but whatever download their one and only LP 'Youth Attack' it will kill you.

Long live the Exploding Hearts

I can't remember how i found out about this band, i think it was listening to some band's radio station on lastfm. Exploding Hearts were from Portland, Oregon and played some of the best Buzzcocks/The Boys powerpop/punk ive ever heard. Shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed debut record 'Guitar Romantic' in 2003 three of the four band members died in a car crash. Terry Six, the guitarist was the only surviving member. The band immediately stopped and the name has not been used since. In 2006 Dirtnap Records released a compilation of all their demos and unreleased songs entitled 'shattered' you should hunt it down.

Here is 'Guitar Romantic' its perfection. Spread the word and dont let this band die.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MEAN JEANS - Your new favourite band

Ive been so excited at work all day waiting to post about this band. Thats how good they are. A lot of bands rehash the Ramones and some are great and most suck. Mean Jeans have come into my life and its as if they are from the 80s. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Their debut record released last year too called 'Are you Serious' is SO much fun. Ive danced around work most of the day to this and been listening when im at home. I can see myself listening to this all summer. I messaged them singing their praises and Billie Jeans said i could upload their record as you need this in your life/summer. Its out now on Dirtnap records, same label that released Marked Men and as soon as ive found a uk stockist i will be buying. They have a brand new 7" out now which i NEED to hear. I'm basically stupendously excited and stoked on this record and band and am already planning to go to Berlin in September and see them as they cant make the uk. Enough crap, listen and get partying. If you love the Ramones, Queers, Screeching weasel, pizza, get trashed and partying then DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.
so good. Thanks to the dude from Vicious Cycle who played them to me. Amazing.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Statues - Band of the Week

Ive loved Statues for a while but stupidly missed their last uk tour coz im an idiot. I jumped at the chance to put them on in guildford and thats exactly what i did on the friday just passed. Definitely the nicest and coolest overseas band ive put on to date. It ruled just to be able to talk about kbd bands, the thriving canadian scene and the Weakerthans. Statues play super fun power pop/punk ala marked men, ramones, Tranzmitors and do it better than most. With a sound like that you probably guessed they were canadian. They even cover The Sods 'Television Sect' which they played both times i saw them which was a nice surprise. Mitch kindly said i could upload their latest record 'Holiday Cops' They have three albums and about a hundred 7"s so hunt em down and get dancing in your room. Here is that record: its total party.

I lost the most ive lost on a show on friday but it was definitely one of best shows ive put on. Check out the rest of the bands who played. My friend Ian drew this awesome flyer

thanks for being rad Statues, hope they come back soon. Thanks to anyone who came to the show too. The Shitty Limits played after curfew was a real treat.


A couple of weekends back Nowhere fast played their last two shows, one in London and one in Leeds and then called it a day. I only had the honour of seeing this band three times but each time they blew me away. Totally nailed the SOA, Void, Negative FX side of hardcore and them calling it a day is a massive loss to the UK hardcore scene.
I first met Tom, who was the singer, when he drummed for Cold Ones, he was wearing a Self Destruct t shirt and consequently got me into that band. Good Dude. It took a long time for me to see them but when i finally did it was totally worth the wait. One of the best guitarists ive seen in the uk by far and so much energy on stage and so much fun. Im totally gutted they have gone. As much as i tried i never did get the chance to put them on and to top it all i was too dead to go to the last London show which ive seen evidence off and been told, slayed. Oh well.
im totally rambling but yeah this band rules. If you never saw them, gutted. If you did, you know what im talking about. They have kindly put their discography: a demo and debut 7" and some covers up for download so check that out here: You can still pick up their record from Mind Rot Records in Virginia who released it
Tom and Ad formerly of Nowhere Fast have already started a new Band called Amateur Video and you can download their demo here: Good garage punk. I'm into it. Definitely going to try and put them on.
Hope you enjoyed the ramble.

MOUTH - Band of the Week

Mouth are a new band from Leeds/Sheffield. I remember listening end of last year and immediately loving it and messaging them to play a show in Kingston. I had the pleasure of putting them on in March with a bunch of my fave uk bands and they were fucking amazing. They sound like Limp Wrist so you know its not shit. Here is their debut Demo 7" Im putting them on again before they head off to Europe on tour with Closure, another rad and fast band from the north. Keep June 16th free, its gonna be an experiment as im putting the show on in Bacchus before Banquet Records' fortnightly punk/emo clubnight 'New Noise' gonna be fun. If you like listening to actual records then message the band and pick up the debut 7" and keep your eye out for an upcoming 4 way split with Bonestorm, Closure and Torn Apart, again all great bands

I was meant to use this blog as a place to promote my upcoming shows but ive been super slack and failed. If anyone cares here is the flyer for the show Mouth played. Check out all the bands im pretty sure you will enjoy.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

DIVIDERS - Band of the Week

Ive been super slack with this blog lately but this post and upload will more than make up for it. Ive been waiting what seems like ages to hear some dividers and then they suddenly record an EP. Its fucking brilliant and im so stoked for them, on them and to see them one day. Dividers are four friends from Swansea who from a shared love of diy and get bent have formed a band and started playing some shows. This is a rad mix of get bent, some lifetime, bangers and clearly latterman influenced with some real good gruff vocals and yeah its just really really fucking good and super posi. if that sounds like your thing and it should be then download their first three track demo here: Gav kindly said i could do what i want with this so go nuts. The first press of physical copies has already sold out but keep an eye out for more. You can follow what they are doing on facebook.
Gav and Scott and Kat who is not in the band but is their manager also put rad diy shows on in swansea so check out whats coming up. See you at Deny Everything

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Post Shit Notes - Band of the Week

I use myspace to message bands for shows, a result of this is everyday i get a shit loads of friend requests from awful bands. I swore when i started 'this music is my life' that i would listen to every band i received a request from as you can find some unknown gems. Im so glad i followed through with this as Post Shit Notes are one of those hidden gems.
They Come from Guildford, Surrey and play fuzzy, fun, poppy garage punk and its fucking great. They Have nothing out yet but have three songs up for download which ive been listening to non stop for weeks. The best thing about Post Shit Notes, besides the name which is frankly genius, is the english swagger they have. This band would not be out of place in the late 70s playing with the Buzzcocks. Here are the three songs they have
Annoyingly they cant play any shows until after july as their singer/bassist is riding kangaroos in Australia. When he is backi will put em on.

Grazes - Band of the Week

Firstly, apologies to people who actually read this. Ive been super busy/slack but its Easter sunday and ive got nothing to do so here are some bands you should check out!
Grazes are the first band of hopefully many who messaged me and liked the blog and wanted me to upload their first release which came out only recently. From Sheffield they play Hardcore Punk that i cant put my finger on but its really good. Fast, growling and harsh vocals, riffz, some stomping parts and some great basslines. I cant say at all who i think they sound like but im sure you can. I need to either put this band on or go and see them soon. This is a shit post but im struggling to come up with what to say about Grazes so ill let their music do the talking: if you like this buy it HERE:
Thanks guys for putting me onto your band. Good stuff.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tigers Jaw - Band of the Week

Tigers Jaw play beautiful, upbeat and catchy music. Yet again another awesome band to come out of Philly and a band i had no idea were so popular over here. I went to a hardcore all dayer a few weeks ago and the Tigers Jaw LP was played over the PA the whole gig and loads of people were singing along. I thought id message the band and tell them this and see if i could upload their shit to my blog and Dennis kindly agreed. This is a long overdue post but there are just too many bands and not enough time! Anyways this is perfect summery pop punk/indiemo. If you dig Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, American Football, Slingshot Dakota, Lemuria and the like then im pretty sure you will fall in love with this. The album slays. Great mix of songs and one song that WILL get stuck in your head. I, like a lot of people, really hope this band comes over soon but the fact that Tigers Jaw havnt even toured the US yet shows we have a bit of a wait. They are still in college and lacking in funds but i imagine when they do come over it will be a big deal. Don't sleep on this. It rules 2008 EP LP

SPRAYNARD - This band could be your life

2009 was all about Spraynard. From my best buddy Sean receiving an email from Sean of Runner Up Records (sweet label, get into it) with a link to their demo, to listening to it and being BLOWN AWAY and then getting to know them on facebook, helping book a uk tour, finally meeting them and then following the whole uk tour around in the summer and to top it all getting my first tattoo which was the Spraynard logo. This band and that tour encompass everything i love about music.
Mark, Pat and Dos are three vegan snack eating/ video gaming kids from West Chester, Pennsylvania and they are three of the nicest dudes you could ever meet. They have only been around a year and a half but have already released a demo tape, two splits and recently released their debut LP on Runner Up Records and all their releases rule. They play a sweet mix of Latterman/Get Bent and one of their best biggest influences is 'Plow United' an old West Chester band who they all grew up listening too and gave them the inspiration to start a band. Spraynard have been working hard to 'save' their scene by organising house shows, booking on tour bands to play their town and re energising a tired scene. An inspiration to any band just starting who prove that you can just pick up instruments, release records and tour the otherside of the world. A testiment to DIY.
Last summer i was living on a sofa, awaiting retakes and earning about 50 pounds a week to hold a sign in the street. I sold some records, saved two weeks wages and followed them around the country on mega buses and trains and in cars with my friends. It was one of the best times of my life and i have to thank anyone that put a show on, put me and my friends up and went and supported these guys, Break the Habit for being their tour buddies and making it happen and Spraynard for actually coming over! Special thanks to Sean for ensuring it was one of the best times of my life.
Ive uploaded the discog so go nuts. You can still buy the LP in most distros and from Runner Up Records, buy the Dave House LP too, he and it are the best. You can pick up the splits too, keep your eyes open. Captain We're sinking Split Debut Album, Cut and Paste

Monday, 8 March 2010

Comadre - DIY OR DIE

Comadre are fucking rad! It took me a while to realise this despite seeing them destroy a warehouse at Fest 7. About 6 months ago i finally took the time to check em out and was blown away by the record 'Burn Your Bones' Its frantic, its angry, its melodic in places and then full on screamo and it plain fucking rules. Just from looking through pics i can see that their shows are insane and people go mental for this band and rightly so. If you dig Ampere, Refused and Punch then you will be into this.
Hailing from RADwood City, California, Comadre are as DIY as they come. Following 5 years of destruction they have released two LPs, couple of EPs, a split, a ridiculous amount of tours across the world and made a bunch of friends along the way.
They have their own blog where they upload mixtapes that include their songs and their friend's bands. Ive discovered some cool bands through this in particular awesome hip-hop band ATLAS and raging hardcore in the form of Glasses so thanks Comadre. Check it out:
Kenny has kindly said its cool for me to upload some stuff so here are their two LPs and one mixtape for you to check out. I guarantee you will be screaming along in 5 listens max.
I'm unbelievably stoked to say that they are coming to the uk in July with Punch and yeah go see them or fail forever. Ill post up the dates closer to the time.

SHOOK ONES - Band of the Week

Shook Ones are from Seattle, Washington and they play melodic hardcore punk better than everyone else. If you like Kid Dynamite and Lifetime then you will either love this or the chances are you love them already. Facetious Folly Feat is one of the definitive bedroom dancing/moshing albums and continually blows my mind. On the split with Easel they wrote one of the greatest songs of all time in 'order form' which is basically a letter from the singer to his girlfriend telling her he cannot marry her when same sex marriage is still not legal. Their lyrics are poignant, their singalongs are heartfelt and they write the catchies and most danceable songs around. Im amazed the singer has any throat left from the way he sings. One of the most honest, hardworking and consistent bands around and every time i see them its a total party with all my friends. Not many bands come close to making me feel even half as much as shooks do. Ive travelled far and wide to see them and will continue to do so until they stop and i hope they never do.

One of the coolest things ive ever been a part of is this: im like an excited school boy in this and it fills me with joy.

I have been given permission to upload their entire discography by the guitarist and im shit with names so totally forgotten what he was called. Anyway here it is before i seriously embarrass myself talking about this band.

Facetious Folly Feat:
The Unquoteable A.M.H:
Slaughter of the Insole:
Easel Split: *disclaimer* order form will change your life:
End of a Year Split:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Self Destruct - UK Hardcore RIP

Self Destruct are a ridiculously underrated UK hardcore band who are sadly defunct now but i feel you need to know about them. Hailing from Leeds, they started in 2005 and finished i guess in 2008. I asked to put them on and got a reply saying we are finished, i hope i wasnt the reason haha! Im assuming the name is in reference to the Adolescents song of the same name so you can tell this is gonna be ripping 80s influenced hardcore. That is exactly what you get but with the addition of a rock n roll tinge. They clearly love Negative Approach and bands like Government Warning, Adolescents and Zero Boys (Even cover 'Outta style') I never got to see this band and im massively bummed out about this as the two 7"s i have are sweet. The second one 'All my friends are dead' has the BEST artwork as you can see in the pic on the left, i urge you to buy this record and the other one for the artwork alone. You can play find all the hardcore records on the sleeve.

I havnt asked permission coz i didnt want to wait ages for a response but here is the debut Self Titled 7" and the second 7". As always buy these if you can. Enjoy. Spread the word. Band rules. RIP

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I miss The Steal

You say, 'I can't wait for the weekend to come'
So put on the clothes and lets have some fun
I'll get wasted and start some fights
I love being a punk on a saturday night.

For me, its pretty different
because this music is my life,
we spend all week building back up,
what you destroy with no insight.

So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
And staying at home (on the weekdays)
Expecting everything to come to you.
So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
And staying at home (on the weekdays)
Complaining there's nothing to do

So now you've got your own band
and you expect everyone to come,
to see you play on a week day,
And 'bring this town some fun'

But you havnt got a clue
About the scenes and all the crews,
We just havnt got the time or patience,
For a weekend punk like you.

So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
Are you staying at home (on the weekdays)
Expecting everything to come to you.
Are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
Are you staying at home (on the weekdays)
Complaining there's nothing to do.


Following the demise of Shorebirds everyone wondered if Matt Canino formerly of Latterman would form another band and thankfully he did and personally i prefer them. RVIVR play fast and fun pop punk not too dissimilar from Shorebirds but with with extra oomph in the form of Erica's vocals. The boy/girl harmonies and dual vocals perfectly compliment each other and i daily get the lyric 'GET YOUR ASS OUT THE FRONT DOOR' stuck in my head, im pretty sure ive mentioned that on here before. Anyone its late and im tired so here are their two 7"s. Erica kindly said i could upload them so check em out if you love Latterman (who doesnt) Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, Get Bent etc etc. Hopefully coming to the UK this year and also writing an LP as you read this.
This is really really good. Please dont split up so i can see you live. Thanks.

Caves - Band of the Week

Sorry ive been super slack lately but i now have a new home in Kingston so regular posts should resume.

Caves are from Bristol, England and play super catchy, simple and fun pop punk in a Discount, Lemuria, Superchunk kinda vein.

My good friend David Brent (yeah i know, surreal right?) plays drums in Caves and Puts on gigs in Bristol and is very proud of his band and has kindly allowed me to upload the tracks from their debut 7" which is out now on Specialist Subject Records, Andrew from Bangers' rad DIY label so go support him and buy it you monkeys: Until then download the 4 track 7" HERE:

Caves are about to embark on a european tour with Young Livers and Bridge and Tunnel having only played a handful of UK gigs which is cracking work. I wish them all the luck and fun. They have just been announced to play the Next Punk n Bowl in London with Leatherface, Above Them and a bunch more so keep an eye on that but most excitingly they are one half of the tour support for the GOOD LUCK tour, a phenomonal band from the USA who i will blog about soon, i promise. Even more exciting than that is I GOT THE KINGSTON SHOW! So yeah, stick July 23rd in your diaries and get stoked. I am. Holy moly.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Eagle Boys - Rad Garage punk from London

Can't find a pic, if you have one, hook me up please :)

A few weeks ago i got talking to a lovely man named Giles in the Fighting Cocks, Kingston and he told me about his old Garage Punk Band 'The Eagle Boys'. I was under the impression The Shitty Limits spawned the garage punk revival but it seems Eagle Boys did all along and the Shitty Limits played their first show with Eagle Boys.

Anyway. This is rad. Sounds like Angry Samoans, Regulations blah blah blah. I think Ellis is re- releasing this on Static Shock but in the mean time download the 7" below. Giles Said it was cool. Wish id seen this band. Great garage punk.

Download this, tell your friends and get dancing.

Band of the Week - Never Again

I did something i rarely do on sunday which im glad i did but wont be repeating. Chris, singer of Hang the Bastard put on an all day mosh fest called 'Carry on Moshing' on in Camden at the Purple Turtle. i really dont like the 'mosh' side of hardcore and especially hate the violence that nearly always comes with it, this show being no exception with one guy taking it upon himself to make me hate him in the space of 5 seconds. I primarily came to this to see some friends, watch Abolition and Hang the Bastard and check out relatively new London Straight Edge band: Never Again. They have only been around since June 2009 but have already released two demo tapes and a 7", toured europe once and had hardcore kids across london going mental for them and are slowly making waves across the country. Never Again are a breath of fresh air for me and fill the gap that Nowhere Fast left (RIP :( )
I was sent the demos a few weeks ago and was impressed, catchy, really fast and the vocals were sick. 'enough is enough' immediately caught my attention and they reminded me of fast point and the first outbreak 7" so i looked forward to catching them live. They didnt disappoint, Luke may be one of the best frontmen ive seen in ages and they were triple the speed of the mp3s i had and the crowd went CRAZY, the song 'iron youth' in particular. They wear their beliefs on their sleeves and write songs from the heart and are definitely a london hardcore band im going to make sure i see more of. I just confirmed them to headline a sweet show im putting on march 28th @ the Fighting Cocks with Attack! Vipers! Mouth, Bonestorm and Can't Relate. You should come and see what the fuss is about for yourself, its justified.
I wish there were more bands in the UK that played this kind of hardcore. go see em live. They tour a lot. Luke kindly said i could upload their three releases so check em out below:
Thanks to Chris for putting on the show. No thanks to the violent prick.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle

I don't think enough people are aware of the brilliance of Zero Boys. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana they surprised everyone with one of the best Hardcore Records of the 80's (1982). With the hardcore scene being centred around LA, Washington and New York, Zero Boys came of out of nowhere with their buzzing guitars, soaring choruses, teen angst and socially aware lyrics. You could describe them as a faster, harder Ramones. They set a precedent for hardcore punk bands today and will continue to influence bands for many years to come.
Download this seminal record below. I reckon/hope they will come to the UK soon, they headlined No Way Fest last year and the live videos look insane.
One of my favourite records ever. Hope you love it as much
Welcome to the vicious circle

Wasted Time - Band of the Week

Wasted Time are in my opinion one of the best hardcore bands of our generation. Another rad hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia and on Grave Mistake Records one of the best labels in the US. They play fast, no bullshit and angry as fuck hardcore and i cant be bothered to say what they sound like i just urge you to download the discography ive uploaded below. I could not believe it when i got to see them last year in Brighton year and they totally stole the show over Government Warning. Listen to Hostage, track 1 on the 'No Shore' EP and prepare to mosh. I really hope i get to see them again as its a treat. Mark has kindly allowed me to upload everything they have released. So below is their 2 7"s and debut LP which came out last year and if you don't suck buy them from Grave Mistake and support Alex who runs that label and played in Wasted Time when they came over to the UK.
Im looking into Going to Chaos de Tejas in Austin, Texas in May to see them with a bunch of other amazing bands including Marked Men. You should come!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Urban Blight - Band of the Week

I don't know whats in the water over in Canada but i want some! So many rad bands: Career Suicide, Tranzmitors, Urban Blight, Statues, Marvelous Darlings... i could go on forever. are from Toronto, Canada and released one of my favourite releases of 2009 with debut LP 'More Reality'. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, from the first chord and drum beat you are immediately thrown into a frenzy by the most frantic, energetic and angry songs and when i first heard it i just thought 'this must slay live' Im not that knowledgeable on this sorta hardcore but id say they sound like Negative Approach, SOA and ive been told, Agnostic Front. All i know is this LP from start to finish rips and is an aural assault and its fucking brilliant. its been my record of choice for a while when im really pissed off and need to let off steam and its helped a lot. John Falco of Career Suicide fame produced this too so you know it sounds great. You can buy it from Slasher Records HERE: and ace distro 'Static Shock' stocks it too: Michael from Urban Blight has kindly allowed me to upload it for your listening pleasure. I do urge you to buy it though coz its seriously good and will make you mosh in your room.

Coming over end of the summer i hope i can put em on!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Can't Relate

Can't Relate are righteous (i'm trying to bring it back, i'm failing) They play Straight Edge in a Limp Wrist, Siege, Negative Approach vein and are about to release their debut ep. From London, you will usually see them opening at tough guy hardcore shows and they are wasted on these kinda bills which is a shame. Can't relate have some super poppy guitar lines but the raging vocals make you want to strangle things. One of the best things about this band is the lyrics. 'No means no' being very poignant and talking about rape. There are no gimmicks or bullshit with these guys. This is straight up passionate, no frills hardcore addressing real and important issues and i fucking love it. First saw them in a house and thought they were awesome and then helped them get on the Reagan Youth Kingston show. Im putting them on in March with a bunch of rad hardcore bands so keep your eyes peeled for that one. These guys are all friends, diy as fuck and just want to play shows. They formed because of Punch and live for that band. Not much else to say apart from here is their myspace: and here is that song i mentioned above from their soon to be released 'inhumane ep'
Go see em live and if you are a promoter reading this, please put on em a Comadre/Punch show if you got a date. They would be seriously stoked

Friday, 15 January 2010


Brothers are another super good band from Exeter who play real good punk rock. I had never seen them until Punk N Bowl last december and i was very impressed. Think None More Black vocals and guitar lines, the best bits of New Mexican Disaster Squad coupled with some sweet female backing vocals. Total winner. They have just embarked on a mini tour and i am seeing them tomorrow in Portsmouth which will be fun. This tour ties in with the release of their debut ep which they have kindly put up for download on their myspace: you should check it out. I hope to see a lot more of this band in 2010, definitely one to keep an eye on. A band totally after my heart too as they cover Weezer, i screamed along to 'El Scorcho' at P n B. The singer Ben was the drummer in Dead City Stereo who i have already posted about and Rez the Drummer also drums for Sauna Youth who i have also posted about so if you havnt already, check both of those bands out too.

Formaldehyde Junkies - Band of the Decade

If you know me at all then you would have heard me mention/rave about this band and i cannot thank Ellis the bassist of the Shitty Limits enough for introducing me to this band.

Formaldehyde Junkies were an 80s hardcore rehash band from Minneapolis, Minnesota and are in my opinion one of the best bands of the last decade. I dont think a day has passed since i got into this band that i have not listened to their first record '... are a total wreck' Its faster than anyone else, the guitar blows my mind, the vocals are frantic and snotty and the drumming is ridiculous. The songs are catchy and make you want to run around smashing shit up. I cannot speak highly enough of this band. Sadly split up now although i pray for a reformation every day i listen. The singer runs a rad label called 'Fashionable Idiots' and a few bands i highly recommend are Retainers, Rot Shit and Out with a Bang, although you should listen to every band on that label really. Fjunkies were only around for a few years and released two 7s, a song on the 'Public Safety' Maximum Rock n Roll Comp and a demo. Ive uploaded the two 7"s for your aural pleasure. If you dig Koro, minor threat and fast as fuck hardcore you will love this. I promise. No one i have recommended this band too has had anything negative to say so get on this.

'.... Are a Total Wreck':

Friday, 1 January 2010

Cold Ones (are gonna ruin your night)

Cold Ones are another one of those bands that sum up the spirit and meaning of DIY punk. A band doing it for themselves, with their friends and having fun but being fucking brilliant all the same. They Come from Liverpool and play a unique thrash/hardcore/street-punk sound that cant really be pigeonholed. writing mainly about skateboarding, drinking (hence the name) and how messed up the world is they are a band you cannot appreciate fully until you see them live. The records are great but live they are something else. They have arguably one of the most intense, crazy and in my opinion best frontmen in the UK, shredding guitars and they always look like they are having fun when they play and genuinely glad to be playing which is a rare thing these days. They all either skate or ride BMX, most of them draw for fun and for skate companies (singer russ does this: and he just sent me a sweet calender which he makes every year. They print their own t shirts, i asked for a pink one and i received a pink one, book their own tours and are some of the friendliest dudes i know. They will happily camp out in the woods after a show and they are all about the adventure of being on the road. Songs like 'Get in the Van' sum this band are up me.

One of the shows of 2009 for me was seeing Cold Ones at 1am in the tiny St Moritz Club in Soho, london. They went insane, The crowd went insane, the walls were jagged and hurt but no one seemed to care. This band will go into a frenzy and drag you down with them but you will love every second. They recently stole the show at Punk N Bowl in london and it seems people are finally taking notice who should have a long time ago. They have announced a tour across the UK supporting Jamie T, i urge you to go to a date if you can. Check out their myspace for upcoming tour dates: and buy their records if they have any left!

I could talk about this band all day as i love everything about them and ive had the pleasure of putting them on twice and everytime ive seen them its always been amazing. I'll shut up and let their music do the talking. I have permission to upload everything they have released so far so here you go, Happy New Years, go drink some Cold Ones:

CRACK IT DEMO: First release i think
S/T 7": The first record i heard by them that made me go see 'em live
Stay Thirsty: 2nd 7"
Mr Miyagi Split: Latest 7"
Disappearing man: from the 5 Way Town Clock Records split

Enjoy and please do go see them live!