Friday, 14 December 2012

Losing Sleep

I'm back. Sorry im shit. I just saw that since i started this blog ive had 56,642 views which has kinda blown my mind so ive been inspired to start posting again. My first post is a band i hold very dear to my heart. Losing Sleep feature two of my best friends and hail from Kingston, London, not Jamaica. Think the great 90s emo mixed with 2000s pop punk but not shit like so many bands that try this. They just released a brilliant first ep that people are slowly becoming aware of. It is honest, and heartfelt and catchy with some great lyrics about events and issues close to the band member's hearts. Although they have been playing shows for a while now they are still very much a 'fresh' band and in my opinion a breath of fresh air to the diy punk scene in the uk. Sean, the bassist, runs Youth Camp Records (Ten Speed Bicycle, Loose Cannons, Nona, Jackals, Slow Science) and Liam, guitarist and vocalist plays in pop punk band Home Advantage. On the strength of their first release, i'm excited by this band and i can only see them getting better. Doing a mini tour at the end of January 2013 and im putting them on in Camden at the Black Heart with a pretty ridiculous lineup:
Download the demo here: and check out their tumblr here for news, merch and shit: x

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Chin Chin - Sound of the Westway

Im ill in bed, the sun is shining and im pissed. That said ive just discovered a great band called Chin Chin who have put a smile on my face so seeing as i cant go out, thought id share it with you.

Having just done a read up on this all girl punk/ new wave band ive discovered they formed in Biel, Switzerland in 1982 and released their first 7 inch in 1984 and then in 1985 their one and only LP 'Sounds of the Westway' which garnered them attention in the UK with NME and allowed them to tour with the Shop Assistants in Germany.

This is perfect crunchy indie punk with new wave sensibilities and some super catchy lyrics and melodies. Their all girl ethics and strong diy stance have made this one of most sought after Indie Pop LPs and after one listen, i can see why.

This is a total winner and if you love Dolly Mixture/The Flatmates/Shop Assistants then you will love this. That is my summer sorted. urdzez75lt674cr

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Holy (Italy)

Last week i received a text from Dan of Hammers fame (they are back, believe) asking me if i wanted to put on this band called HOLY from Italy, he said it would be up my street. I listened, thirty seconds in i text daniel back, said it was great and then booked a venue. Holy are fucking raging. This is fast hardcore/scrEMO and definitely relevant to my interests. They list their influences as His Hero is Gone and infest and in pictures ive seen em wearing Government Warning and Kid Dynamite t shirts if that gives you more of a reason to check em out. There is a link below for their debut self titled EP which is excellent and about 8 mins long. holy shit. One of the members is in another great Italian band called Verme who did a split with Human Hands and they happen to be over in the uk this week. Playing Catch in Dalston this Saturday if any of you london types are at a loose end. Great support too: Ten Speed Bicycle, Bird Calls and Well Wisher.

This is fast, heavy, chaotic and angry hardcore punk with a message and their first record makes you take notice. Cannot wait to see them live, going to be intense. Holy are over here in May, Im putting them on May 3rd at the Black Heart pub in Camden, support to be announced. Its going to be the best thursday night you never had.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

I'm Stranded is arguably one of the greatest punk records of all time and we have Australia's 'The Saints' to thank for that one. Formed in 1974 in Brisbane they described themselves as 'a punk group before it was fashionable' pre dating many key uk punk records. They received much criticism for their live show but this record and the follow up 'eternally yours' featuring horns amongst many other instruments are both perfection in mine and many other's eyes.

This is perfect pop punk. If you dig the ramones and want something fresh then check this out. The songs will be stuck in your head for months. Kissing cousins is my favourite.

P.S how fucking cool is that record cover!?


Excellent newish hardcore punk straight from the 80s via leeds. Think Black Flag but more party. Featuring members of Mouth and a tonne of other northern bands, the debut demo also has Johnson from Peep Show clips so its a real winner.

Im putting them on with the amazing Down and Outs from Liverpool and man hands and bastad rats in Camden on September 16th at the Black heart. This will be the first show ive put on in London and i'm very pleased with the lineup. You should come and bring a friend.

Check out their debut demo here and then come and dance with me.

Facebook event here:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Observers

I have been so slack with this blog so time to rectify. The football is on so what better excuse. First off i give you one of my favourite punk records from a band i will probably never see but listen to weekly. Portland's, The Observers. It is difficult to pin down exactly what they sound like but its punk, garage, post-punk with some grooving but hard sounds and very intelligent lyrics. The Observers are so abrasive yet so melodic and make you want to dance while screaming about how fucked the world is. Too many this is one of the most important punk albums to exist and i am in that camp. Sadly they split up in 2005 but the singer now fronts the Red Dons who absolutely kick ass and ill upload their stuff next but until then check out 'So What's Left Now' i managed to finally buy a copy of this at the recent Red Dons show in London and this has inspired this post. I think Daniel, Red Dons said it was cool to upload so check it out

Tell your children... they have to diiiie

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spraynard - Funtitled

I am currently half way through the ninth listen of my buddies in Spraynard's second full length 'Funtitled' and oh my fuck its incredible. Incredible does not do this justice. I cannot comprehend how far these guys have come since i first heard the demo and saw them tour the UK. It is a testament to friends who want to just play together and share their message to the world.

Im finding it hard to put into words how good this is. The lyrics are mind blowing. Ive had to go back and re listen to certain bits. Spooky, scary is track of the year for sure. This is heartfelt, honest and beautiful song writing about families, friends, music and sticking together through anything that comes your way. Not one song is recognisable from the other, the instrumental bits are perfect, each member has improved so much since the last release and they will only get better. Dos' singing on this record adds yet another dimension and brings it all together. This is the most emo record ive heard in ages and also the most punk. Quite a feat.

Oh man this is so fucking good. I just urge you to download it immediately if you liked anything by them previous to this or just like pop punk or music. Just download it. Proof of how good this is can be seen in how this has had 2,076 downloads in a DAY. UNreal. This is out on Asian Man Records soon but until then download it from Ifyoumakeit. I cannot wait to see them in San Francisco at Asian Man Fest and i cannot wait to scream these lyrics so fucking loud.

This has given me so many goosebumps and made me smile so many times and i cannot see this getting old. 'Not good enough, Gary' has bought me close to tears.

Mark, Dos and Pat. You rule. Congratulations on a perfect record <3 !