Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dead City Stereo - Band of the Week

Don't you hate it when you discover an awesome band AFTER they have broken up? I do. I also hate it even more when they are from the UK. I suck for missing the boat on this one.

Dead City Stereo hail from Exeter who seem to churn out bands (Cut Ups, The False Arrests, Brothers, Computers to name a few) and they play rip-roaring rock n roll punk. Sadly they split up a few months ago and i never even saw them. Jamie, bassist of The Arteries, was adamant that i would love them and i finally heard them last monday in the Van. I was singing along by the second listen. SO DAMN CATCHY. I remember all i said was 'wow' 'why did they split up' 'will they play again' 'can we make them play again' etc etc etc. Think a mix of None More Black, The Ringers, early Rancid and Down and Outs and you have Dead City Stereo. Jamie sent me through ten songs (all they have?) that they recorded before they split and ive listened to each song about 30 times in under a week, its that good. I got in touch with Ben, the singer in Brothers (who ill post about tomorrow) who was in Dead City Stereo and asked if i could upload the songs to this blog and make people aware and he said yes so here they are: Gates of hell is masssssive. The guitar work is soooo clean and yeah i just love it. This really would not look out of place on No Idea or Kiss of Death.

I guarantee you will be singing and whoa-ing by the second listen!

I'm so bummed i wont get to sing these songs live. Im gonna work on a reunion haha i understand one of the members moved to Australia though which might be a problem.

Enjoy. RIP.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Koro - 700 Club Ep

Sorry ive been slack lately. Been studying tonnes and Watching Dexter. I finished Season 4 now so back to uploading rad bands.

Koro are regarded by many as one of the greatest hardcore bands to ever exist and have gone on to influence hundreds of bands you listen to today. I only found this out today but an original copy of this EP would set you back over $1000 pounds.

Formed in 1983 in knoxville, Tennessee, Koro quickly became the 'tightest, meanest and angriest' hardcore band around and when you hear their debut EP hopefully you will agree. There was a rumour that went around that they sped up the 7" to make it sound faster... gnarly.

This is my christmas present to you, their debut EP, one of the best and most influential hardcore records to ever exist and one of my personal favourites. I recorded this myself so you even get the crackle of the record This is insanely good. If you want to own this and their LP 'Speed Kills' Sorry State re-issued this classic
It may even sound better than the original as this features a brand new mastering job from the original source tapes. I only give you the best.


Friday, 18 December 2009


I started this here blog because Sauna Youth Made a myspace so its only right that i make you aware of the their demo tape which has just been released. Only 50 so email Rich quick to get in on this. In the meantime download the demo on their blog: Vacuous Idiot is the hit. Garage punk. Fun.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dead Milkmen are FUN!

Super fun band from Philadelphia who ive fallen in love with in the last few weeks. Formed in the 1980s Dead Milkmen play super silly, stripped down pop punk and i dont really think they sound like anyone. Snotty vocals, samples, guitar solos, funny conversations and stupidly funny lyrics. Puts a smile on your face. if you dug ssssnakes who i talk about a lot then you will see they like ripping off this band haha.
and the album that got me into them: 'Big Lizard in my Backyard' im sure they wont mind! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

This Music is My Life - Gig #1

This Saturday At the Guildford Youth Centre, Guildford, i embark on This Music is My Life Gig number 1. Ive had lineup changes, backline issues, 'dont let my parents know what im doing' issues but its finally come together and im very excited.

There will be 6 bands playing and the first one will be on at 7. The GYC is one of my favourite venues in the country so im stoked to get the chance to use it! Please Respect it and don't drink outside and leave litter. Thanks!
First band at 7 which will be My friends new supergroup band 'BIRD CALLS'
Me and Goliath screamo from Kent
Saturday's Kids Dischord influenced hardcore/punk from Wales
Fashanu Anthemic singalong pop punk from Durham
Teen Sheikhs Beach Boys/Ramones vibe from Brighton
Bangers The best pop punk band in the country
Will be finished around 10:50 provided nothing goes wrong so you can catch last trains!
£5 in, ALL AGES and BYOB. Here is the postcode GU1 4LY. 5-10 walk from Guildford station
Hope you can make it!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

ssssnakes/Bangers split

Wouldnt let me upload before so here it is in all its pop punk glory.

Top 12 songs of 2009

I could not cut it down to ten! Download all 12 songs at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think. They are in no particular order, that would be too hard!

1. Bangers: The Hard Way

When i first heard this song my first thought was 'Drop the Pop' by None More Black because it had an epic guitar intro. I was immediately in love. When Roo's vocal kicked in, i was drooling. Everything about this song is perfect. So many bits where you can put your fists in the air and scream your lungs out with your friends. They have yet to write a bad song and i do not think they will but this is my favourite. This song is track 1 on the Break the Habit Split 12". Buy it here: YEAH!

2. Nomos: The Most Dangerous Game

One of the 7"s of the year. Ripping, crushing hardcore on Deranged. I usually give myself a dead leg from punching myself while listening to this song. This is the opening track and kills. Think Tear it Up/Cut the shit. Really good.

3. The Shitty Limits: Transitions

Track 1, side 1 of the Shitty Limits Debut LP. If you know me at all you will know how much i love/go on about this band and i eagerly anticipated this record. This song opens with a stomping intro which makes me want to smash through walls. The guitar gets faster and Louis' distinctive snotty vocals kicks in and im spazzing out. Pure garage punk magic. Buy The LP from this rad label/distro and the cd was released in the UK by Boss Tuneage, buy it here:

4. Parasites: All the time in the world

This song gets stuck in my head all the time. Its catchy as hell. Think 'Nothing with you' by the greatest band ever. They totally rip it off but who cares. Long live Parasites. fun pop punk songs about girls. Like the Descendents/Ergs then you will like Parasites! This song is from the LP 'Solitary' links to buy it are up on their myspace. Enjoy singing this when you wake up in the morning. Makes me smile from ear to ear.

5. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Wrapped up

Another song that gets stuck in my head quite frequently. I love the dude's vocals and they way he sings 'yooooou' real good garage rock from Australia. From their second record 'Primary Colours' Order that and their first release here: holy shit i forgot how good the guitar solo is near the end!

6. Twisted: Track 04

FUCK THIS TRACK IS THE NUTS. Reminds me of the Wipers and i guarantee the chorus will be stuck in your head for months. I dont even know what he says but i sing it all the time. This is the one from one of the best bands ive heard in years.

7. Marked Men: Ghosts

Ghosts is Marked Men's forth and last :( album and it rips from start to finish. Total Ramonescore but done in that unique marked men way. This for me is one of the standout tracks but they dont really have any weak songs. All about the guitar and the electronic effects in this song. Massive. I hate this band. Please reform and play shows! Heartbreakers.

8. Spraynard: '84 Sheepdog

2009 was all about Spraynard. 3 dudes from West Philly who play Latterman style beats and do it really fucking well. I had the pleasure of following them around the country in the summer and putting them on and getting to know them all. I miss them dearly and all three are the nicest dudes ever. I could have chosen any song but i chose this one because the first time i heard it the chorus really got to me and i remember messaging the bassist Mark and telling him. I had to to get over a horrible break up this year and if it wasnt for my friends, punk rock and putting on shows it would have been a lot harder than it has been. The chorus to this song reads 'thank you my friends for taking me back to where i should have been all along, all the nights i spent alone should have been spent with you' Thank you my friends <3 Spraynard.

9. Fashanu: Yoko Ono v Bob Hoskins... Go!

I cant remember how exactly but i came across this song on the Discount Records Myspace page and just fell in love with everything about this track and band. I listen to this song daily and it never gets old. I had the pleasure of putting their first southern show on and i was so confident people would love them and they did. This marked the first time i really felt i had achieved something by putting on smaller/unknown bands so thanks Fashanu. Song is posi to the max and they even high five during it when playing live. I guarantee after a few listens this song will be stuck in your head too! Gives me goosebumps.

10. By Surprise: CB Radio

I feel i go on about this song too much but i say not enough. The last minute and 20 seconds of this song escalates it from great to OH MY GOD I JUST CAME. Seriously. I need to see this song live before i die. I hope you are reading this By Surprise! COME TO THE UK.


massive tune.

11. SSSSNAKES: Dont Tread on Us

This was the first ssssnakes song i ever heard and my initial thoughts were 'damn! this is FUN' I get the guitar riff stuck in my head daily and often myself walking around punching my fist in the air and shouting 'hey!' dad thinks im nuts. The ending to this song makes me smile every time: 'we're the ssssnaaaaakessssssaaaaaa' RAD. Came out on a split with bangers, only 50 copies. You missed out. LP soon. Keep your eyes peeled, dont tread on them.

12. RVIVR: Plenty of time:

As soon as Shorebirds closed the chapter on their short lived punk story, Matt Canino had a new band waiting in the wings and they are RVIVR. This sounds like Shorebirds but with a female on dual vocals. It rips. I get 'GET YOUR ASS OUT THE FRONT DOOR' stuck in my head a lot. So much fun. Track down both their 7"s for a party in your pants.


Friday, 11 December 2009

Top Ten - Releases of 2009

In terms of releases, last year was loads better than this year, that said there have been a few cracking LPs and splits that i have not been able to stop listening too. Here is my top ten releases of the year starting with number 1:


Ive talked enough about this band on my blog already so it fits for their debut LP to be my release of the year. It's also probably the one i was most excited about! If someone had said i would have seen them twice this year too then id have called them a liar. I picked up the LP at the Brighton show and listened to it non stop before the london show because it was that good. Fast, sometimes frantic garage/hardcore that makes you want to shout and dance. The reason this is number one is because it fuckings kills and is definitely one of the best hardcore records records ive heard in a long time. Im shit at describing/comparing stuff but if you dig career suicide, black flag then check this out. The European release was issued by Hardware records, buy it HERE: First press was released by No way Records. Check out their roster and distro, its ridiculous!


This nearly pipped the top spot but i had to make a decision so Arteries come second, sorry boys. This is one of the best albums to be released in the UK in a long, long time. I'll be honest, i was not into this band the first few times i saw them. I thought they were boring and lacked any energy. This all changed when i went to one of my favourite places in the country, Swansea to see Lemuria and The Arteries supported. They. blew. me. away. It was like a changed band from the last time i had seen them. Super tight, really fast, incredible riffs and Miles the front man seemed to have let loose a bit and looked like he was really enjoying it. I dont know if it was just the home crowd but that night i fell in love with the Arteries. This was Reaffirmed the next time i saw them in london and this is when i picked up the album, coincidentally the next day they played in my living room and again i was blown away. The cd did not leave my cd player for months and is one of those albums you can listen to on repeat and air guitar too in your room. SLAYS. One of the best things about this band is that they are all friends, who hang out, go on holiday together and and are some of the best dudes i know, oh and one of the most DIY bands out there. Put on shows, release their own records, book their own tours and yeah ive kissed arse enough. This is fast, in your face punk rock. Im not going to compare them to anyone but if you like riffz, singalongs and songs about punk rock, cats and friends then you really should own this album, know all the words and go check em out live because they will tear you a new one. Ive seen them destroy countless venues this year and i can only see this band becoming improving further. Listen to songs on their myspace: Buy their merch and newly released shiny pink LP here: and check out their real website here: SWFU


Two of my favourite UK bands release a split together. HELL YEAH. play super fun and silly pop-punk in a Dead Milkmen/Descendents/Ergs way and are one of the most fun bands to watch just because Jamie the frontman goes nuts. SSSSNAKES feature half the Arteries and one of the funniest and drunkest men in the UK is on Bass. They only have this split out so far and it has four songs which are about ssssnakes, dead pets, people being lame and girls. Its total party music and i cant wait for them to record their LP. I listen to these four songs on repeat daily and i cant see myself ever getting bored so they had to be high in my top ten list. They have also nicknamed me 'Microphonehead' and have written a song about me so they hold a special place in my heart <3 Bangers also rule, more so than most bands! Ive banged on (see what i did there?) about this band on this here blog before but if you dig None More Black, Saves the Day and rad music then get on this. Incidentally two of my favourite Bangers tracks feature on this split. I would upload the download link and also a Bangers myspace link but it seems HTML hate both so ill try and do it in a separate post!


4. COP OUT - S/T 7"

Although 70% of these songs were written years ago, Cop Out are one of the slackest bands around so they only released this 7" this year. Bar a split with Fast Point this is their only release and its storming. Like Kid Dynamite, Lifetime and fast and dancey punk rock? If the answer is yes, you will LOVE this. Its amazing and everyone should own it. Tom the bassist has the most aggressive vocals going, gravelly as fook and bry is one of the of the fastest and funniest drummers to watch and if jonno is standing up and holding his guitar then you got lucky. Great bunch of dudes. They are splitting up and have one or two shows left so if you live up north go and give them a fond farewell. i miss them already. Buy the 7" here, only £2
RIP. one of the best.


I get the feeling this will be in an awful lot of top ten lists of 2009 and rightly so. Definitely wins pop punk record of the year anyway. Ive loved this band for nearly two years ever since i first heard 'Three to the beach' on the Chinese Telephones split and its still one of my favourite songs. I stupidly missed them at Fest 7 and have regretted it since. Ive been waiting what seems like forever for the LP to drop and it really did not disappoint. The only problem i had with it was i had all of the songs on the record from splits, no idea samplers and demos so it wasnt very new to me. That said its a killer record and im positive if i had have heard this straight off it would have been in the number one position. Somewhat of a supergroup (Copyrights, Off With Their Heads, Houseboat) Dear Landlord play Fast, catchy, heartfelt and honest melodic pop punk with some of the best singalongs in punk rock today and some seriously snotty vocals. I really really cannot wait to see this band live, touring the uk next year! YES! Listen to them here: fall in love and buy the record from this UK rad distro here:



You know when you hear something for the first time and you immediately go 'yes, this is amazing' well i did that with Twisted. Their first 7" 'daydream' came out of nowhere and annoyingly im still yet to see this leeds band. Hopefully they will finally come down south next year and let me put them on. Incredibly catchy, dancey and fun garage/emo/punk beats like Rites of Spring jamming with the Shitty Limits with the Wipers watching. Track 4 on this 7" is the 'hit' and gets stuck in my head weekly. They have already released 7" #2 which i cannot wait to hear. They have had a few lineup issues but it seems they have sorted them now so i look forward to seeing what this band can further produce. Get on this, download daydream here from their website: and buy the new 7" here and support a brilliant distro/label and get Daydream HERE: pick up the facel vega split too, they rule.


One of the best things about this year was Sean of Runner Up Records coming over with Spraynard in the summer and bringing some distro so i could finally lay my hands on this fantastic split. By Surprise are one of my bands of the year for sure Ive now got hold of everything they have released and im in love. Like Braid, Promise Ring? LOVE BY SURPRISE. I need to see this band! i hope they come over soon. Anyway enough rambling. CB radio has one of the best endings to a song EVER which is the main reason this 7" made my top ten. 2009 was the year that i discovered twiddlemo thanks to Pags, Get Rad and Algernon Cadwallader's top friends on myspace haha. By Surprise and Hightide Hotel are two of my favourites for sure. This does not showcase Hightide at their best but their debut ep on the other hand is amazing. Get it here: That first song is seriously catchy stuff. So yeah if you do one thing this this year it should be owning this split. Buy it here and support Sean. He is a good dude.

siiiixxxxx feeeet hiiiiiigh and siiiiixxxx feeeeet wiiiiiiide. RAD.


This is might be better than We Are which means this record is the nuts. I fucking love Cloak/Dagger. Had the pleasure of seeing them three times and putting them on in kingston. Lovely chaps. I have a brilliant picture drawn by Jason on my wall advertising Peep Show for sale. What a guy. Anyways this rips. The songs are as catchy as before the guitars buzzes and throughout and Jason has in my opinion one of the best vocals in punk today. Im listening right now and wanting to jump off my bed and dance around the room. Its total party. Listen here: ace rock n roll/garage punk for fans of Fucked Up, Hot Snakes and rad music. Buy it here. Jade Tree rules.


Dave House is one of my favourite people. He writes incredibly heartfelt and honest acoustic songs in a Weakerthans/postal service vein and 'Intersections' is his third album. This is, in my opinion, his best too. It seems Dave completed a dream with this record and recorded it with a band and some of the songs are so Blink/saves the day which is something he has wanted to do for a while. When he called me into his room and said 'listen to the first song' i listened and at 0.55 seconds my mouth dropped and i shouted 'YES! THIS IS AMAZING!' Which is exactly what you are going to do. Go here: listen to lungs and get stoked. The whole album rules, stand out tracks being 'born steady' which showcases Dave at his best. Honest and vulnerable song writing and 'Runaground' is the pop punk smash hit of 09 and '60 Blocks up' is all about being on tour in the US. You should buy this and support Dave coz im sure his mattress is lined with this album... Buy it from Banquet Records. I worked there for over a year and half and it was a huge part of my life while i was living in Kingston reading (and failing) law at Kingston University. Dave also works there which is all the more reason to get it here:;jsessionid=850EFBBC6E08C897B7D0A8A177FF08A2
Runner Up Records also released the LP so if you like records, pick it up, sweet bottle clear vinyl! Nice one Dave.
I'm all about discovering new bands and hearing a great band from Australia of all places was a pleasant surprise. This is stripped down garage/rock at its best. Great vocals especially when they become urgent and shouty guitar work is stunning and the songwriting is perfect. Primary Colours, their second records is so infectious i guarantee songs will be stuck in your head for weeks. Ive had 'wrapped up' in my head for months! As i said before, i suck at comparing bands but id say if you like the Wipers, Germs etc then check this out. Ive heard they are coming over next year. Cannot wait. Listen here: and buy the UK release of both the debut album and this one here:
Im wraaaaaaapped up in yooooou
So yeah that concludes my top ten. If you dig any of the bands ive listed please support them and buy their records and go see them on tour.
Because im super bored here is a list of everything that didnt make the cut but has still been on rotation all year:
Algernon Cadwallader - Hot Green: This is better than their album 'spit fountain is a hit'
Nomos 7" - this would have been #11. Raging debut 7.
Fashanu - Science is Awesome EP: See my post about them below!
Get Bent - Get it Dead 7": last record from one of the greatest bands ever. RIP. Fuckers.
Grown Ups Demo: see below
Hammers - Tape? I think it was released this year. If not who cares. Crushing D-Beat/hardcore in a Tragedy vein. Fucking killer.
North Pole Ep - Scientific Punk Rock. What isnt there to like! WE'll MAKE GOLD!
Nowhere Fast 7" - Band rips. Record Rips. Nuff said.
Cap Sante EP - Aberdeenmo. RIP.
RVIVR - Life Moves 7": Matt Canino (Latterman) goes through bands like no ones business. RVIVR sound like Shorebirds but better. Serious hits on this 7
Snowing EP - This should be in my top ten...
Spraynard/Captain we're sinking split - Its Spraynard. duh.
Wasted Time - Futility: debut LP from one of the best hardcore bands around today.
Marked Men - Ghosts: This didnt make it in my top ten because i hate the fact ill never see them. Pure magic. Ramonescore.
Slingshot Dakota: For reasons as discussed below!
Sedatives: same as above
Shitty Limits - Transitions: one of my favourite bands ever but i prefer the 7"s, sorry guys...
Parasites - Solitary: Descendents/Ergs worship. FUN.
Shook Ones - AMH: i suck and havnt listened enough!
Urban Blight LP: Makes me want to punch through walls but i dont get enough time to raise my fists!
What Price, Wonderland - Its Shakey: INCREDIBLE
Sorry i got lazy there but im sure you are smart enough to find your own links!
Roll on 2010!