Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Wipers - Band of the Week

I post about so many great bands from Portland, Oregon and you could argue that many would not exist if it was not for the Wipers. Formed in 1977, Wipers were one of the early purveyors of the punk genre in America. Guitarist Greg Sage looked at music as art rather than entertainment and thought music was personal to the listener and not the commodity. With this in mind they started off as a recording project and never planned to advertise or tour. The plan was to release 15 LPs in ten years. It soon became apparent this would never work. music is a business after all. Sage learned that he could never be a true artist. In 1979 their debut record 'is this real' was released and is still hailed today as one of the greatest punk albums despite at the time, never being or wishing to be a punk band. Heavy distortion, tight song strcuture, driving vocals with words being spat out and amazing lyrics. this band fucking ruled and you should definitely check out their debut record below and also 'over the edge' and 'youth of america' all inspired. Recently been repressed by Greg and Jackpot records, hunt them down. Dont be fooled, they may seem like an arty band with arty fans but this is perfect 80s punk.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Real Kids

The Real Kids were a boston punk rock band who started in 1972 as an offshoot from the Modern Lovers (ive never heard them so am downloading their record now!) Formerly called the Kids they played a brilliant mix of ramones, beach boys, chuck berry but were very much a 'punk' band. They still play shows every now and then and id love to see them. Their one and only record 'The Real Kids' was released in 1978 and is in my opinion, perfect. check it out and let me know what you think. I guarantee the opening track will get stuck in your head and you will hum it walking down the street. Perfect.
here is another record, dont know anything about it but it rules:

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Killers - Not the shit one

This 7" is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Probably two of the catchiest and most fun and ridiculous songs ive ever heard. Literally top of the pops. A new wave band from Cleveland they were around from 1979 to 1984 and were first called 'Insanity and the Killers' I cant speak highly of these two songs enough. Ive had no luck hunting down their LP but hopefully one day. there are tonnes of vids on youtube so its all good. Anyway download these two pop ditties and get smiling. So fucking good. Lyrics are hilarious.
Oh yeah, would never have even heard of this band and a tonne of otherS if it was not for one of the best websites to ever exist: go to the last page and download everything working backwards, you will be doing it for months but your quality of life will improve dramatically

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson, so named after the the prolific british prisoner, regarded as the most violent prisoner in british history, were a powerviolence band from Illinois and they like everyone else i post about, fucking ruled. Mixing powerviolence, youth crew, satirical lyrics aimed at the hardcore scene and media samples, mostly from Charles Bronson films (a famous american actor, renowned for his tough guy image) they were around from 1994 to 1997 and are seen to have alongside los Crudos, revived the thrashcore scene. The singer, Mark McCoy went on to form Das Oath, another incredible fastcore/powerviolence band. There are too many names for this shit but whatever download their one and only LP 'Youth Attack' it will kill you.

Long live the Exploding Hearts

I can't remember how i found out about this band, i think it was listening to some band's radio station on lastfm. Exploding Hearts were from Portland, Oregon and played some of the best Buzzcocks/The Boys powerpop/punk ive ever heard. Shortly after the release of their critically acclaimed debut record 'Guitar Romantic' in 2003 three of the four band members died in a car crash. Terry Six, the guitarist was the only surviving member. The band immediately stopped and the name has not been used since. In 2006 Dirtnap Records released a compilation of all their demos and unreleased songs entitled 'shattered' you should hunt it down.

Here is 'Guitar Romantic' its perfection. Spread the word and dont let this band die.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MEAN JEANS - Your new favourite band

Ive been so excited at work all day waiting to post about this band. Thats how good they are. A lot of bands rehash the Ramones and some are great and most suck. Mean Jeans have come into my life and its as if they are from the 80s. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Their debut record released last year too called 'Are you Serious' is SO much fun. Ive danced around work most of the day to this and been listening when im at home. I can see myself listening to this all summer. I messaged them singing their praises and Billie Jeans said i could upload their record as you need this in your life/summer. Its out now on Dirtnap records, same label that released Marked Men and as soon as ive found a uk stockist i will be buying. They have a brand new 7" out now which i NEED to hear. I'm basically stupendously excited and stoked on this record and band and am already planning to go to Berlin in September and see them as they cant make the uk. Enough crap, listen and get partying. If you love the Ramones, Queers, Screeching weasel, pizza, get trashed and partying then DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.
so good. Thanks to the dude from Vicious Cycle who played them to me. Amazing.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Statues - Band of the Week

Ive loved Statues for a while but stupidly missed their last uk tour coz im an idiot. I jumped at the chance to put them on in guildford and thats exactly what i did on the friday just passed. Definitely the nicest and coolest overseas band ive put on to date. It ruled just to be able to talk about kbd bands, the thriving canadian scene and the Weakerthans. Statues play super fun power pop/punk ala marked men, ramones, Tranzmitors and do it better than most. With a sound like that you probably guessed they were canadian. They even cover The Sods 'Television Sect' which they played both times i saw them which was a nice surprise. Mitch kindly said i could upload their latest record 'Holiday Cops' They have three albums and about a hundred 7"s so hunt em down and get dancing in your room. Here is that record: its total party.

I lost the most ive lost on a show on friday but it was definitely one of best shows ive put on. Check out the rest of the bands who played. My friend Ian drew this awesome flyer

thanks for being rad Statues, hope they come back soon. Thanks to anyone who came to the show too. The Shitty Limits played after curfew was a real treat.


A couple of weekends back Nowhere fast played their last two shows, one in London and one in Leeds and then called it a day. I only had the honour of seeing this band three times but each time they blew me away. Totally nailed the SOA, Void, Negative FX side of hardcore and them calling it a day is a massive loss to the UK hardcore scene.
I first met Tom, who was the singer, when he drummed for Cold Ones, he was wearing a Self Destruct t shirt and consequently got me into that band. Good Dude. It took a long time for me to see them but when i finally did it was totally worth the wait. One of the best guitarists ive seen in the uk by far and so much energy on stage and so much fun. Im totally gutted they have gone. As much as i tried i never did get the chance to put them on and to top it all i was too dead to go to the last London show which ive seen evidence off and been told, slayed. Oh well.
im totally rambling but yeah this band rules. If you never saw them, gutted. If you did, you know what im talking about. They have kindly put their discography: a demo and debut 7" and some covers up for download so check that out here: You can still pick up their record from Mind Rot Records in Virginia who released it
Tom and Ad formerly of Nowhere Fast have already started a new Band called Amateur Video and you can download their demo here: Good garage punk. I'm into it. Definitely going to try and put them on.
Hope you enjoyed the ramble.

MOUTH - Band of the Week

Mouth are a new band from Leeds/Sheffield. I remember listening end of last year and immediately loving it and messaging them to play a show in Kingston. I had the pleasure of putting them on in March with a bunch of my fave uk bands and they were fucking amazing. They sound like Limp Wrist so you know its not shit. Here is their debut Demo 7" Im putting them on again before they head off to Europe on tour with Closure, another rad and fast band from the north. Keep June 16th free, its gonna be an experiment as im putting the show on in Bacchus before Banquet Records' fortnightly punk/emo clubnight 'New Noise' gonna be fun. If you like listening to actual records then message the band and pick up the debut 7" and keep your eye out for an upcoming 4 way split with Bonestorm, Closure and Torn Apart, again all great bands

I was meant to use this blog as a place to promote my upcoming shows but ive been super slack and failed. If anyone cares here is the flyer for the show Mouth played. Check out all the bands im pretty sure you will enjoy.