Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spraynard - Funtitled

I am currently half way through the ninth listen of my buddies in Spraynard's second full length 'Funtitled' and oh my fuck its incredible. Incredible does not do this justice. I cannot comprehend how far these guys have come since i first heard the demo and saw them tour the UK. It is a testament to friends who want to just play together and share their message to the world.

Im finding it hard to put into words how good this is. The lyrics are mind blowing. Ive had to go back and re listen to certain bits. Spooky, scary is track of the year for sure. This is heartfelt, honest and beautiful song writing about families, friends, music and sticking together through anything that comes your way. Not one song is recognisable from the other, the instrumental bits are perfect, each member has improved so much since the last release and they will only get better. Dos' singing on this record adds yet another dimension and brings it all together. This is the most emo record ive heard in ages and also the most punk. Quite a feat.

Oh man this is so fucking good. I just urge you to download it immediately if you liked anything by them previous to this or just like pop punk or music. Just download it. Proof of how good this is can be seen in how this has had 2,076 downloads in a DAY. UNreal. This is out on Asian Man Records soon but until then download it from Ifyoumakeit. I cannot wait to see them in San Francisco at Asian Man Fest and i cannot wait to scream these lyrics so fucking loud.

This has given me so many goosebumps and made me smile so many times and i cannot see this getting old. 'Not good enough, Gary' has bought me close to tears.

Mark, Dos and Pat. You rule. Congratulations on a perfect record <3 !

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


New band, new demo all the way from West Chester home of Spraynard and some of the best people to ever exist. This is Mimi, who i had the pleasure of hanging out with in Kingston last week, Ed who rules and just released an LP for the Slingshot Dakota record and Sean 'Ska' Morris who sings in Wrap it Up and loves ska and is an all round great dude. This is sweet, rocking and fun pop punk which reminds me of cheeky in places, might be the vocals and also early discount but thats probabably a really obvious comparison. Either way this is rad and i cant wait for the next release. I might get to see them in San Francisco this summer which would rule.

Check out the demo here:

Crash of Rhinos - Distal

Oh mannnnn ive been so pumped on the debut release from the Derby Emo/post hardcore rockers ever since i first saw them when i put them on with Wooderson early last year. Ive just finished my first listen of the record 'Distal' and fucking hell it sounds MASSIVE. I remember watching them with my jaw on the floor, was totally blown away and i asked them if they had anything out. Said they were recording in Italy? and a record would be out soon after. Just over a year later and 'Distal' is here. Epic, twinkly, heavy, loud, beautiful and marvelous are words that spring to mind while i sit here avoiding law revision.

Its got bits of American Football, bits of Braid, and bits of all those US bands that are going around at the mo like Grown Ups, By Surprise and Snowing but does not sound like them which rules. Also got that northern gruff punk charm that the UK has, highlighted in tracks like 'Closure' Its Ex Little Explorer so it was never going to be shit. Seriously great emo in the same kinda vein but less 'punk' than this. Definitely worth investigating.

Im finally getting them back to Kingston July 30th for a matinee mixed bill gig of awesomeness with Sundials from the US, Social Club, Caves and Crash of Rhinos. Its going to be aces.

Fuck this record gets better after every listen. Please download this, i guarantee you wont be disappointed.

oh mannnnn. Nice one lads. So good.

A double gatefold vinyl should be out soooon from these guys: but until then download the record here:

Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons have been around for a little while now and i think its time any pop punk fans got into this coz they are rather good at what they do. Having just completed a mini tour with Ten Speed Bicycle, i had the pleasure of putting on the Kingston leg of the tour and it was the best ive seen the ladz play. They just have the mid 90s pop punk sound and the newer stuff aka title fight, brand new nailed. My best buddy in the whole world, Sean just released their debut on tape which i urge you to pick up as i dont think he has many left, go check out and pick up the ten speed/dividers split too! These boys hail from Kent and are slowly being noticed and making a name for themselves. I can see this band going far so do not sleep on this if bands like title fight, tigers jaw, the starting line and Brand New are your bag. They are all true punk kids and are heavily influenced by Latterman and Saves the Day amongst others. Two members are in a hardcore/power violence band 'Ripped to Shreds' who rip and the drummer is in a sweet hot snakes kinda band called ' Great Ancestors' and both are well worth investigating.

Title Fight are touring soon so lets hope that Loose Cannons get asked to play a few dates and get noticed. They are also playing Hevy Fest in Kent and sharing the stage with the likes of Lemuria and DING so go to that as well. Looks fun.

Here is a download of the demo, released on tape by Youth Camp records. Check it, buy it. Get emotional.