Sunday, 28 August 2011

I'm Stranded is arguably one of the greatest punk records of all time and we have Australia's 'The Saints' to thank for that one. Formed in 1974 in Brisbane they described themselves as 'a punk group before it was fashionable' pre dating many key uk punk records. They received much criticism for their live show but this record and the follow up 'eternally yours' featuring horns amongst many other instruments are both perfection in mine and many other's eyes.

This is perfect pop punk. If you dig the ramones and want something fresh then check this out. The songs will be stuck in your head for months. Kissing cousins is my favourite.

P.S how fucking cool is that record cover!?


Excellent newish hardcore punk straight from the 80s via leeds. Think Black Flag but more party. Featuring members of Mouth and a tonne of other northern bands, the debut demo also has Johnson from Peep Show clips so its a real winner.

Im putting them on with the amazing Down and Outs from Liverpool and man hands and bastad rats in Camden on September 16th at the Black heart. This will be the first show ive put on in London and i'm very pleased with the lineup. You should come and bring a friend.

Check out their debut demo here and then come and dance with me.

Facebook event here:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Observers

I have been so slack with this blog so time to rectify. The football is on so what better excuse. First off i give you one of my favourite punk records from a band i will probably never see but listen to weekly. Portland's, The Observers. It is difficult to pin down exactly what they sound like but its punk, garage, post-punk with some grooving but hard sounds and very intelligent lyrics. The Observers are so abrasive yet so melodic and make you want to dance while screaming about how fucked the world is. Too many this is one of the most important punk albums to exist and i am in that camp. Sadly they split up in 2005 but the singer now fronts the Red Dons who absolutely kick ass and ill upload their stuff next but until then check out 'So What's Left Now' i managed to finally buy a copy of this at the recent Red Dons show in London and this has inspired this post. I think Daniel, Red Dons said it was cool to upload so check it out

Tell your children... they have to diiiie

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spraynard - Funtitled

I am currently half way through the ninth listen of my buddies in Spraynard's second full length 'Funtitled' and oh my fuck its incredible. Incredible does not do this justice. I cannot comprehend how far these guys have come since i first heard the demo and saw them tour the UK. It is a testament to friends who want to just play together and share their message to the world.

Im finding it hard to put into words how good this is. The lyrics are mind blowing. Ive had to go back and re listen to certain bits. Spooky, scary is track of the year for sure. This is heartfelt, honest and beautiful song writing about families, friends, music and sticking together through anything that comes your way. Not one song is recognisable from the other, the instrumental bits are perfect, each member has improved so much since the last release and they will only get better. Dos' singing on this record adds yet another dimension and brings it all together. This is the most emo record ive heard in ages and also the most punk. Quite a feat.

Oh man this is so fucking good. I just urge you to download it immediately if you liked anything by them previous to this or just like pop punk or music. Just download it. Proof of how good this is can be seen in how this has had 2,076 downloads in a DAY. UNreal. This is out on Asian Man Records soon but until then download it from Ifyoumakeit. I cannot wait to see them in San Francisco at Asian Man Fest and i cannot wait to scream these lyrics so fucking loud.

This has given me so many goosebumps and made me smile so many times and i cannot see this getting old. 'Not good enough, Gary' has bought me close to tears.

Mark, Dos and Pat. You rule. Congratulations on a perfect record <3 !

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


New band, new demo all the way from West Chester home of Spraynard and some of the best people to ever exist. This is Mimi, who i had the pleasure of hanging out with in Kingston last week, Ed who rules and just released an LP for the Slingshot Dakota record and Sean 'Ska' Morris who sings in Wrap it Up and loves ska and is an all round great dude. This is sweet, rocking and fun pop punk which reminds me of cheeky in places, might be the vocals and also early discount but thats probabably a really obvious comparison. Either way this is rad and i cant wait for the next release. I might get to see them in San Francisco this summer which would rule.

Check out the demo here:

Crash of Rhinos - Distal

Oh mannnnn ive been so pumped on the debut release from the Derby Emo/post hardcore rockers ever since i first saw them when i put them on with Wooderson early last year. Ive just finished my first listen of the record 'Distal' and fucking hell it sounds MASSIVE. I remember watching them with my jaw on the floor, was totally blown away and i asked them if they had anything out. Said they were recording in Italy? and a record would be out soon after. Just over a year later and 'Distal' is here. Epic, twinkly, heavy, loud, beautiful and marvelous are words that spring to mind while i sit here avoiding law revision.

Its got bits of American Football, bits of Braid, and bits of all those US bands that are going around at the mo like Grown Ups, By Surprise and Snowing but does not sound like them which rules. Also got that northern gruff punk charm that the UK has, highlighted in tracks like 'Closure' Its Ex Little Explorer so it was never going to be shit. Seriously great emo in the same kinda vein but less 'punk' than this. Definitely worth investigating.

Im finally getting them back to Kingston July 30th for a matinee mixed bill gig of awesomeness with Sundials from the US, Social Club, Caves and Crash of Rhinos. Its going to be aces.

Fuck this record gets better after every listen. Please download this, i guarantee you wont be disappointed.

oh mannnnn. Nice one lads. So good.

A double gatefold vinyl should be out soooon from these guys: but until then download the record here:

Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons have been around for a little while now and i think its time any pop punk fans got into this coz they are rather good at what they do. Having just completed a mini tour with Ten Speed Bicycle, i had the pleasure of putting on the Kingston leg of the tour and it was the best ive seen the ladz play. They just have the mid 90s pop punk sound and the newer stuff aka title fight, brand new nailed. My best buddy in the whole world, Sean just released their debut on tape which i urge you to pick up as i dont think he has many left, go check out and pick up the ten speed/dividers split too! These boys hail from Kent and are slowly being noticed and making a name for themselves. I can see this band going far so do not sleep on this if bands like title fight, tigers jaw, the starting line and Brand New are your bag. They are all true punk kids and are heavily influenced by Latterman and Saves the Day amongst others. Two members are in a hardcore/power violence band 'Ripped to Shreds' who rip and the drummer is in a sweet hot snakes kinda band called ' Great Ancestors' and both are well worth investigating.

Title Fight are touring soon so lets hope that Loose Cannons get asked to play a few dates and get noticed. They are also playing Hevy Fest in Kent and sharing the stage with the likes of Lemuria and DING so go to that as well. Looks fun.

Here is a download of the demo, released on tape by Youth Camp records. Check it, buy it. Get emotional.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Saved Latin

So a band messages me with a list of cool twinkly emo/post-hardcore influences and they happen to live outside London. WIN. Also say they have played shows with Ten Speed Bicycle and Attack! Vipers! so i was impressed. I have a listen to the song on their myspace and im into it. twinkly, ambient lo-fi post hardcore.

The swines in Well Wisher pulled out of the Ten Speed Bicycle/Dividers release show so i couldnt think of a more suited replacement than I Saved Latin.

Because im so nice to you i decided to upload the two songs that they have up for download so you can check em out before the show. They live just outside London so you might see more of them. They list their influences as American football, Braid, Death Cab for Cutie and Hey Mercedes so if thats your bag, check it out!

Come and see them Thursday and where a Hawaiian shirt.

Monday, 14 March 2011


So it has taken a random email from a dude called James from somewhere around the world for me to update this blog. Ive been mega slack and i guess busy which is going to be my excuse.

Anyways, enough bullshit. Ssssnakes hold a special place in my heart and their debut album has been worth the wait. I remember first seeing the swansea boys on one of my dumbest trips to date. It was the week my long term ex broke up with me and i thought fuck it, lets go on my own to Swansea and on the way ill write my Medical law coursework (which was in for the next day) The lineup was sweet: shitty limits, ssssnakes and Hygiene. I had heard the ssssnakes myspace tracks and was excited to see them and the lineup and stupidity and the fact it was as far as i could possibly get from home was all very appealing. They were fucking great. so sloppy and silly and fun and rocking plus they covered silly girl and yeah i was in love. Seemed like the best dudes too. from there a special bond was formed, i put them on soon after that in Kingston and last summer put them on with Good Luck and people who should, finally took notice. They are now a tight, wel oiled rock machine but stil fun as hell and catchy as. If you dig dead milkemen (their favourite band) descendents (who doesn't) and a bit of ac/dc and songs about girls, your favourite pet, skateboarding and living life to the max then you should check out their debut album 'Kissss Thissss' Its silly, its fun, it will have you headbanging and singing along in no time. featuring two thirds of the Arteries and Pugs, one of the greatest humans on the planet; this band are about best friends and having a good time.

I could write so much more but im feeling lazy so let the album do the talking. You can order it from specialist subject here: and you can download it here:

They are playing this friday at the Cricketers pub in Kingston with Bangers and Tireless and Bird Calls. Its gonna be ace. You should come.

Expect another post later tonight, hopefully.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Dividers/Ten Speed Bicycle Split

Two of my favourite bands on these sunny shores and some of my favourite people have come together and created a masterpiece of twiddlyemopoppunkmagic and this is what i present to you today.

I have featured Swansea's Dividers on here before, check out their demo here: the four lads have come along way since that release and really honed their Get Bent/Latterman fast pop punk sound. These songs sound MASSIVE and are instantly stuck in your head. Zach shares some vocals on these songs and make a huge impact. Dual vocals fucking rule. Dividers are a passionate bunch of dudes who sing songs about their town, their scene and the ups and downs of life. Scott has added some noodly bits which is always awesome and Gavin's vocals have become even grittier yet still melodic. Basically this rules. If you like anything on Ifyoumakeit, No Idea records, Kiss of Death and diy punk with a heart then get involved in this. If i havnt sold it yet there is also a sound bite from the one and only Alan Johnson in Peep Show. Winner.

Ten Speed Bicycle have been mentioned a few times on this blog having played their first show at my Birthday house show but never had their own post because this is their first release bar a few great demos i was sent. Hailing from London, this is three friends who love capn' Jazz and the emo philly scene a LOT. From the two demos i had its crazy how far Ten Speed have come already as these four songs are again MASSIVE. Taking influence from bands like Grown Ups, Snowing, Cap'n Jazz, Saves the Day and their own lives this is fucking brilliant partytwiddlemo with an authentic english twist. Ive been in love with these guys since they started and this split has cemented them as one of mu favourite UK bands for sure. Kai has taken up vocals on this too creating some beatiful harmonies. So yeah dual vocals again for the win. Members of Can't Relate and best friends, Ten Speed feature some of the nicest and most down to earth people you will ever meet. And Jimmy never stops smiling.

If i havnt sold this to you then i think im wasting my time haha. Two awesome UK bands who have come leaps and bounds from when they started and this is only a sign of things to come.

Another exciting thing about this split tape is my best buddies Sean and Luke are co-releasing this with Gavin of Dividers' label. Sean and Luke (stab) just recently started Youth Camp Records and has already released the new Loose Cannons Demo which you should check out if you like Title Fight and fast pop punk. This is a new, exciting label that is as diy as they come and yeah im stoked. Check out their shiny new website and buy the split and say hello. Again, could not meet two nicer people Gavin's label What we should be doing is totally diy and totally rad too. re released the never gets dull Spraynard demo tape amongst others, check that out too

All thats left to say is buy this and then come and see the RELEASE SHOW in kingston at the fighting cocks on March 31st. Loose Cannons and Manchester party people WELL WISHER will be joining the shenanigans and its gonna be awesome, expect balloons and confetti cannons and mix tapes. COME. If this is too far away there is a mini tour for loose cannons and ten speed so check em out somewhere near you

31/03/11 - Kingston, Fighting cocks W/Dividers *(ten speed bicycle/Dividers split record selease show!)*
01/04/11 - Bristol, venue tbc W/Tireless
02/04/11 - Manchester, Venue tbc W/Dividers
03/04/11 - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum W/Allister & Rufio
04/04/11 - Brighton, The Hobgoblin W/Caves, From Plan To Progress & Corrigan*


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Belated Releases of 2010

Yeah yeah i suck, its mid January but whatever. if you care here is a list of my favourite releases of last year with links galore to download and where to buy. This is no order because thats far to hard and time consuming. If you think ive missed something off this list please let me know, im always up for new music

Atlas - Beauty and the Blues

I wont talk to much about this as ive already made a post and uploaded their record here: perfect old sounding hip hop with a de la soul/rj d2 kinda vibe. It really is beautifuly constructed.

The Arteries - Dead Sea

Again i dont want to repeat myself too much, see my post here: a flawless first? album from the Swansea chaps. Right balance of balls out rock and melody with some arty(ries) bits thrown in and as always, catchy as fuck songs. This album slays. Might take you a while to fall in love with it but when it clicks you will be telling everyone how they should listen. Im putting em on Feb 9th with my buddy Owen at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston with Bastad Rats, Apologies, i have none and Rat Attack. Come and see what the fuss is about. Best live band. Best Dudes. Buy it here and support Andrew (Bangers) label. It rules.

Bangers - Dude Trips

I love how loads of my friends released the best stuff in 2010. Bangers being no exception. I guess this isnt an album as such, more a collection of everything they have done to date, Dirty Tactics split, break the habit split AOTU 7" and brits abroad 7". Perfect pop punk for fans off none more black, saves the day and hit the beach. Seriously i talk about the Arteries and Bangers too much so get with the programme and get everything by both bands and get singing. Buy it here:

Bird Calls S/T

One of my first posts was regarding a new band some friends had formed and i went to their first practice. Since then they have played a bunch of shows (three for me!) and just toured with human hands, rad band, more soon, and released their first record/tape. Its fucking great. Max says they rip off Tubers hard and ive never listened to them so probs should. Total partymo in a discord/shouty vein. so so so good. Just nailed it again for me last week. Download their s/t here or get the tape in a beautiful velvet pouch when you go and see them: they are one of those bands that dont name their songs so sorry if it seems confusing, i tried my best. Enjoy!

Can't Relate - Inhumane E.P

Had to be in my top releases of last year. Ridiculously good hardcore/powerviolence straightedge from london ala limp wrist/punch. I uploaded one song last time, here is the whole EP. One of my favourite moments of last year was moshing to them on the second floor of my friend's house with the police knocking on the door and the lightbulb smashed. They split up every five seconds but everytime they come back they kill it. Saw them a few weeks ago in a practice space in sutton. They ruled. Lets hope we get some new songs this year. Download here:

Ceremony - Rohnert Park

I remember listening and promptly dismissing Ceremony a few years ago when i first fell in love with the Outbreak E.P. Ceremony didnt do anything for me then. They toured with Paint it Black early last year and i saw them three times. every show they blew me away. Holy shit what a band. So brooding, so much energy, arguably the most entertaining frontman in hardcore right now and they also put one of the best sets ive ever seen at This is Hardcore. I immediately checked out their new record Rohnert Park and my god it rules. Its really really different to their previous stuff. lots of instrumental bits and again its so brooding and intense. Bits of the Wipers, gang of four thrown in amongst their cut throat hardcore. Check out track 1 it will explain it better. Buy this record. Fucking amazing. OPEN HEAD OPEN HEAD. So much respect for that band. They dont give a fuck what you think.

Never Again - Year One LP

They came, they went and they conquered. Split up now but they left a path of chaos at every gig they played. Amazing live band and perfect on record. made you want to stomp through the floor. This was a collection of everything they had released and some new songs. Youth of Today meets infest or xfilesx. Not sure if its sold out yet but track it down. R.I.P Played some of my fave shows of last year. Luke is already in a new band called Stab. They rule. Come and see them feb 27th at the Fighting Cocks, Kingston for a london Hardcore extravaganza: Abolition, Stab, Iron Curtain, Warm Ways and one more.

Cynics - 7"

He went from my being my always drunk and naked friend to being my always drunk and naked friend and one of my favourite solo artists. i bum this dude hard enough so to save his ego get this 7", learn the words and join in the bromance. Playing in Kingston at the Fighting Cocks, Feb 11th with Brothers, Porches and Sauna Youth (all bands you can download stuff from on this blog) come and say hello and marvel at how much of a child Giles looks like. download here:

Grown Ups - More Songs

I'm seeing a trend with bands ive blogged about being in the top ten. Having been a fan of of the Chicago kids for a while i was so excited to hear they were coming over. They blew me away. Seriously the most energetic band i saw all of last year. The highlight of my year was the house show they played for my 22nd birthday and yeah band rules 100%. Nicest guys. If you like your emo fast, intricate and shouty, get on this. Easily one of the best records released last year. Partymo. Download their debut LP 'More Songs' here:

Myles Pereira - Of Pears and Figs

When i heard my friend Myles was playing music i asked him to play a show right away before i had even heard him. I did not expect what i heard at all. His voice made the whole venue fall silent. it was incredible. Blew me away. Ive posted about him on here already. Check out his EP here:

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush to relax

Definitely one of my favourite current bands. Bang on simple garage/rock from Australia. Think Gang of Four and i reckon the Wipers. Primary Colours has been on repeat since i first heard of this band and their follow up third album does not dissapoint. More of the same with some driving guitar lines, pretty surfy too. Check this out because everyone i know who has heard this band LOVES this band. Listen here and then buy all three albums. The UK got a re-release of their first and second album on a double cd so get that.

Iron Chic - Not Like This

This album is in a lot of people, record label's, magazines and zines top 5 of 2010 and since the release of this album their popularity has increased massively. I got their demo on cd and tape when i ordered the get bent demo and tape in preparation for seeing them both at fest 7. I loved the demo and two songs were huge so i was pretty pumped to see them. Due to queues and being scared about not seeing the Falcon i failed to see Iron Chic at Fest 7 and am still yet to see them. Fortunately they are coming to the UK later this May so i will finally get my chance. The album is brilliant. They have really nailed the latterman anthemic singalongs. The one problem that i and my friend Minty found was that however much we listen to Iron Chic's new album we end up putting Get Bent on instead. No offence guys, i think i just love them too much. Enough rambling from me. This album rules and has some serious Top of the Pops tunes on it so download it here and come check em out when they come over. Expect a split with Pacer soon too

Paul Baribeau - Unbearable

Paul Baribeau is perfect marriage material. The voice, the lyrics, the beard and how listening to him fills you with joy but can also give you goosebumps. Perfect perfect perfect solo acoustic folk with punk overtones. His third album is right on the money and sounds massive. I guarantee your girlfriend or boyfriend will fall in love with him too. One of the most honest singer songwriters around. Hope i get to see him soon. it bugs me i havn't yet

Tigers Jaw - Two Worlds

After the s/t being one of the greatest records ive heard in years being on repeat at work everyday i was expecting big things from the second album. Its great, but it has not grabbed me as immediately as the first album did. Its got some seriously catchy songs such as smile and when i saw them live the new songs sounded even better than on record but its still yet to blow me away. Im going to give it more time. Band rules though. One of the punkest around. Check em out, then listen to all their friend's bands. Still hold the accolade of most downloaded band on This Music is my Life. Check it out:

Hightide Hotel - Nothing was missing, except me

Ive mentioned this band a tonne at the bottom of posts when i say for fans of. At the end of last year, they like their buddies Snowing released their debut LP after a cracking demo/ep. This is perfect poppy catchy twiddly emo like only the Philly bands know. Its great. Listen to it on cold winter mornings while you walk to the bus and i guarantee it will put a smile on your face. Another band i want to come over SO bad. Download the album and track down the ep and split with By Surprise, both are great.

Spraynard - Cut and Paste

So the biggest news of 2011 thus far bar the Descendents playing in London in April and the fact that im going to San Francisco in June to see SLAPSTICK on my 23rd birthday, was that my best friends Spraynard's new album 'Funtitled' (best name) is going to be released on Asian Man Records!!!! HOLY SHIT. im so proud of these guys. Read my full ode to one of the best bands and people in the world here: download everything, send them an email, they will reply. Best dudes. Their debut LP rocks.

Snowing - I could do whatever i wanted if i wanted

More amazing twiddlemo from phillyyyyy. This is turning out to be quite long so just download and read here. P.s come over please!

So there are some of my stand out favourites. Amongst all this lot Dividers released a killer first EP, 10 speed bicycle sent me two great first tracks from the up and coming partymo kids, Samson had the best idea ever and released a perfect sounding Weakerthans live album with a fuck load of instruments and a bang on setlist,

One of my favourite current hardcore bands Urban Blight released a 7" to go with their European tour which ruled. I had the pleasure of putting them on and seeing them three times. Best dudes, best band. Ill upload that soon when i stop being lazy

Canada's garage pop band Statues released a new album and i also had the pleasure of putting them on last year too. Catchy stuff as always. Rory Matthews released a debut album showing us that he has so much more to offer. The Shitty Limits released a 6th 7" with two rocking numbers. Band can do no wrong. Saturday's kids and Sauna youth both released great second 7"s.

Superchunk not only reformed but did what most bands struggle with when they come back and released a fucking great album. You should go listen to Majesty Shredding right now! Home town heroes Pacer released their first EP 'No 1' speedy bouncing souls punk which is definitely worth checking out. Split with Iron Chic out later this year! Post Shit Notes from the city i was born, Guildford, came out of nowhere with some sloppy and catchy garage. Cant wait for their first release.

Following up from their amazing 7" New York's Nomos delivered more angry as fuck hardcore in their one sided 12". Check my blog for a download. Ex Nowhere Fast did a rough demo for their new band Amateur Video which is brilliant. Still yet to see them though which pisses me off.

Crazy Spirit released some void sounding noise which was great. Good Luck played one of my favourite shows ive put on and been to and released a 7" which is awesome. Hot Club De Paris are never shit and their latest 10" was rad. Wish i could upload their stuff. Maybe one day. Hunx and his punx made me smile and Everyone Everywhere released their debut album which ill admit did not grab me as immediately as previous efforts. I need to spend more time with it.

There you go, my rambling, non nonsensical releases of last year. I probably missed out loads of 'essential' records but there is too much music and not enough time.

Hope this did not bore you

p.s. i want to like the new none more black record so bad but meh. what am i missing?