Monday, 27 September 2010

Jean Mills Society Torch

Ive been meaning to upoad this record for ages. After i saw Deep Sleep at Fest 7 i got chatting to the drummer Mike for ages and he told me about a bunch of rad bands and his great label: Wallride Records and gave me a few records to take home and check out. This was one of them. Super hyper pissed of thrash/hardcore from Maryland featuring members from a tonne of ex and current bands inclduing deep sleep. The lyrics to this record are hilarious, poking fun at the police, education and and how music isnt metal enough anymore to give a few examples. I fucking love this 7" and i hope you do to. Don't think they played many shows and this is definitely hard to find so check it out. The guitar solos alone will make you air guitar your arse off and i guarantee you will be hadbanging by mid way through. Killer record.

Crazy Spirit - Band of the Week

I was fortunate enough to go to Philly just over a month ago to see Kid Dynamite play at This is Hardcore. During the week Nazi Dust played a massive warehouse in north philly. It was at this show that i picked up the Crazy Spirit tape. Its great. More obscure 80's influenced hardcore from New York. Bands that come to mind when i listen are Void, Jerry's Kids and Vile. If that is your bag then get into this demo. ive been listening to it a lot lately.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nomos - Discography

Nomos are from Brooklyn, New York and fucking kill it. First heard about these through my buddy sean and picked up the demo. It rules. Super fast and angry as hell tear it up style hardcore. Some of the best artwork ive seen on a record too. I featured one song on my top 12 songs of last year upload. you should check it out. Nomos just released their debut LP, a one-sided 12". Its a lot darker, heavier and
broodier than the demo and split but upon first listen its still killer. Would seriously love to see this band live. Hopefully one day, COME TO THE UK PLEASE. I picked this up from the you should check it out. blog shits on mine and has a million amazing bands. Nomos are totally down with downloads so check out the demo, split with the men and new record below. pick up their stuff from deranged or distros if you are lucky!
One of the best hardcore bands around by far. Don't sleep on this. One-sided 12" 'Notes from the Ancheron'

Monday, 20 September 2010

Pacer - debut 10" out now

Pacer are the second band to form from the ashes of the steal featuring the other two stooges: Dave and Mark. First saw them play with shook ones at the cocks and that is one band they definitely sound like and are influenced by. they have those short, punchy choruses you can't really sing along too and they are very fast 90% of the time.

Chunksaah, home of The Bouncing Souls, decided they liked the sound so much they would release their debut record and sort them a short US tour up to the fest where they are also playing.
This band features so much musical prowess and history that it was never going to be shit and its fast, fun and bouncy punk rock with Mark's distinctive vocals giving it that edge so many bands lack and the poppiest guitar lines. I think shook ones, new mexican distaster squad, and Osker and the lyrics and some of the music is so The Steal's first record which is never a bad thing. Im well into their debut effort and the record is lovingly packaged and in an assortment of colours for you vinyl nerds. Cannot wait for more!

Here is the 'hit' Circles around a square: if you like what you hear then watch a video and maybe buy the record here:


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Myles Pereira - Of Pears and Figs

I met Myles a few years ago through mutual friends and a love of hardcore and at the beginning of the year a video emerged of Myles playing a banjo around a fire somewhere in the woods. To put it simply his voice blew my mind. I had no idea he even sang so it was such a surprise.

i spoke to him about how much i loved his voice one night in Kingston and said i wanted to put him on and so on April 6th i saw him live for the first time. it was unreal. He swapped between acoustic guitar and a banjo and had these beautifully crafted songs and the most amazing voice. the whole room was dead silent and everyone was in awe. country/folk/bluegrass straight from the heart.

coz im a dick i had no idea his debut ep was up for free download and has been for a few months now. Myles wants everyone to hear it so hopefully you will check it out. When i listen to this ep i just feel like im walking through the woods towards a log cabin on top of a mountain and a roaring fire waiting for me. This music paints a picture in your mind. So good.

I have not read the lyrics but he describes them as 'bittersweet' i think its uplifting yet emotional. my first listen ten minutes ago i got goosebumps. i think you will too.

I doth my cap Myles. Hopefully get some full band stuff next... i cannot wait.


My first memory of Giles was seeing him getting wanked off by his best friend Tom as part of a bet. It only really goes downhill from there. Just kidding, Giles is seriously a massive inspiration to anyone who just wants to get out there, play as many shows as possible, anywhere, any place, any time and sing from their heart.

When his ska band 'Frank Butcher and the Slags' split up Giles was lost so he picked up an acoustic and taught himself guitar, wrote some songs and then played them everywhere to anyone. toilets, gig queues, bedrooms, trains. Since then he has become a staple support slot in kingston, brighton, manchester and basically getting everywhere. If he can get a train he will play. He has supported some of his favourite bands and is building a strong following of backing singers. Watching him live, i get goosebumps. It really is an honour to have him as a friend as he is really 'living the dream' When i saw Against me the other week i did notice that Giles rips them off massively so of you like against me, billy bragg, frank Turner then you will like this. fuck it, if you like genuine, honest and inspiring music you should love this. Go and see him live and be humbled and blown away by his passion.

Giles just released his debut 7" following a split with We Grow Beards from Dorking and its amazing. It includes the Paint it Black cover, endorsed by Yemin haha and the 7 rules. You can Download it at the bottom of this post but you really should buy it:

I don't know how else to persuade you to check this out. Everytime i see him play and see people sing along i just feel more positive than ever. A true hero of the underground punk scene.

Nice one Ten Pumps