Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I miss The Steal

You say, 'I can't wait for the weekend to come'
So put on the clothes and lets have some fun
I'll get wasted and start some fights
I love being a punk on a saturday night.

For me, its pretty different
because this music is my life,
we spend all week building back up,
what you destroy with no insight.

So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
And staying at home (on the weekdays)
Expecting everything to come to you.
So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
And staying at home (on the weekdays)
Complaining there's nothing to do

So now you've got your own band
and you expect everyone to come,
to see you play on a week day,
And 'bring this town some fun'

But you havnt got a clue
About the scenes and all the crews,
We just havnt got the time or patience,
For a weekend punk like you.

So are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
Are you staying at home (on the weekdays)
Expecting everything to come to you.
Are you going to the show? (at the weekend)
Are you staying at home (on the weekdays)
Complaining there's nothing to do.



Following the demise of Shorebirds everyone wondered if Matt Canino formerly of Latterman would form another band and thankfully he did and personally i prefer them. RVIVR play fast and fun pop punk not too dissimilar from Shorebirds but with with extra oomph in the form of Erica's vocals. The boy/girl harmonies and dual vocals perfectly compliment each other and i daily get the lyric 'GET YOUR ASS OUT THE FRONT DOOR' stuck in my head, im pretty sure ive mentioned that on here before. Anyone its late and im tired so here are their two 7"s. Erica kindly said i could upload them so check em out if you love Latterman (who doesnt) Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, Get Bent etc etc. Hopefully coming to the UK this year and also writing an LP as you read this.
This is really really good. Please dont split up so i can see you live. Thanks.

Caves - Band of the Week

Sorry ive been super slack lately but i now have a new home in Kingston so regular posts should resume.

Caves are from Bristol, England and play super catchy, simple and fun pop punk in a Discount, Lemuria, Superchunk kinda vein.

My good friend David Brent (yeah i know, surreal right?) plays drums in Caves and Puts on gigs in Bristol and is very proud of his band and has kindly allowed me to upload the tracks from their debut 7" which is out now on Specialist Subject Records, Andrew from Bangers' rad DIY label so go support him and buy it you monkeys: http://shop.specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/product/191037/Caves--st-7-pre-order_1201073.html Until then download the 4 track 7" HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/?rjmymkmn22z

Caves are about to embark on a european tour with Young Livers and Bridge and Tunnel having only played a handful of UK gigs which is cracking work. I wish them all the luck and fun. They have just been announced to play the Next Punk n Bowl in London with Leatherface, Above Them and a bunch more so keep an eye on that but most excitingly they are one half of the tour support for the GOOD LUCK tour, a phenomonal band from the USA who i will blog about soon, i promise. Even more exciting than that is I GOT THE KINGSTON SHOW! So yeah, stick July 23rd in your diaries and get stoked. I am. Holy moly.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Eagle Boys - Rad Garage punk from London

Can't find a pic, if you have one, hook me up please :)

A few weeks ago i got talking to a lovely man named Giles in the Fighting Cocks, Kingston and he told me about his old Garage Punk Band 'The Eagle Boys'. I was under the impression The Shitty Limits spawned the garage punk revival but it seems Eagle Boys did all along and the Shitty Limits played their first show with Eagle Boys.

Anyway. This is rad. Sounds like Angry Samoans, Regulations blah blah blah. I think Ellis is re- releasing this on Static Shock but in the mean time download the 7" below. Giles Said it was cool. Wish id seen this band. Great garage punk.


Download this, tell your friends and get dancing.

Band of the Week - Never Again

I did something i rarely do on sunday which im glad i did but wont be repeating. Chris, singer of Hang the Bastard www.myspace.com/hangthebastardlondon put on an all day mosh fest called 'Carry on Moshing' on in Camden at the Purple Turtle. i really dont like the 'mosh' side of hardcore and especially hate the violence that nearly always comes with it, this show being no exception with one guy taking it upon himself to make me hate him in the space of 5 seconds. I primarily came to this to see some friends, watch Abolition and Hang the Bastard and check out relatively new London Straight Edge band: Never Again. They have only been around since June 2009 but have already released two demo tapes and a 7", toured europe once and had hardcore kids across london going mental for them and are slowly making waves across the country. Never Again are a breath of fresh air for me and fill the gap that Nowhere Fast left (RIP :( )
I was sent the demos a few weeks ago and was impressed, catchy, really fast and the vocals were sick. 'enough is enough' immediately caught my attention and they reminded me of fast point and the first outbreak 7" so i looked forward to catching them live. They didnt disappoint, Luke may be one of the best frontmen ive seen in ages and they were triple the speed of the mp3s i had and the crowd went CRAZY, the song 'iron youth' in particular. They wear their beliefs on their sleeves and write songs from the heart and are definitely a london hardcore band im going to make sure i see more of. I just confirmed them to headline a sweet show im putting on march 28th @ the Fighting Cocks with Attack! Vipers! Mouth, Bonestorm and Can't Relate. You should come and see what the fuss is about for yourself, its justified.
I wish there were more bands in the UK that played this kind of hardcore. go see em live. They tour a lot. Luke kindly said i could upload their three releases so check em out below:
Thanks to Chris for putting on the show. No thanks to the violent prick.