Monday, 21 June 2010


rvivr have an LP out on Rumbletown Records and Erica has kindly said i can upload it. Expect a visit from them in October, fingers crossed i get a kingston or Guildford show. Get stoked. This album rules. perfect summery pop punk.
if you havn't heard of them, read this: and get involved.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Street Smart Cyclist - Band of the Week

Street Smart Cyclist were incredible. From Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley they were at the forefront of the emo/math/rock revival in America and all the bands that exist now doing this would have taken some influence from Street Smart. You could argue the one 7" they released and the the unreleased acoustic demo and one unreleased song is better than most bands full discogs. They are THAT good.
After one tour of half of the east of the US they had their equipment stolen in North Carolina and split up shortly after that. Their memory will live on for many years in all the bands doing this sound in philly and the surrounding area and again im gutted ill never see this band or get to scream to 'Hoods Up' in my lifetime. This is as good as it gets.
Members went on to form Snowing who slay. ill post about 'em soon.
Anyway here is the short but minblowing discog. one 7", one acoustic ep and two unreleased songs

Pirouette - Thinking in Subtitles

Pirouette are another amazing band from Philly who i doubt ill ever have the pleasure of seeing. They have been around since 2006 and its crazy how they arnt more popular considering the reaction algernon cadwallader get in the US and in Europe. They play a perfect brand of twiddlemopop and have the catchiest songs and the most beautiful instrumental parts and the vocals are superb. I could gush over this album forever. Im not sure they even exist anymore and if they do im pretty sure its just two of them. Either way if you dig algernon cadwallader/cap n jazz, grown ups, by surprise, promise ring, everyone everywhere(who feature members of pirouette and just released a new LP, get involved) blah blah blah then download this and let me know what you think. This record is worth it for 'Clinton wasn't on a bill, he was one' alone. Best love song.
Im going to Philly in August to see Kid Dynamite. I would LOVE to see Pirouette too, may be my only chance.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

GROWN UPS - Band of 2010

I know it is only June but having seen Grown ups in Kingston, London and then having them play a house show in Kingston on tuesday to celebrate me being 22 i can safety say they are one of the best bands in the world, have one of the best LPs released this year and are the best dudes.

I don't really have much else to say. Ive posted about them before and seeing them live blew my already high expectations to pieces. They were PHENOMONAL. So fast, so fun and so party. Grown Ups again are another band that reaffirm my love for music. kids, touring the world and doing it for the fun and the adventure. I cannot speak highly enough of this band.

If you came tuesday, thanks for making it a night i will NEVER forget.

Here is their debut LP: 'More Songs' Already a contender for record of the year. Near perfect. Some serious Pop hits and they re-recorded the four songs on their debut demo. Definitely check this out.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

10 Speed Bicycle - Band of the week

My buddies Kai and Tommy of can't relate fame and Jimmy have started an emo/punk band called 10 Speed bicycle and ive been listening to two rough demos all morning and its fucking brilliant and a breath of fresh air for the UK anyway. if you love snowing, street smart cyclist, cap n jazz and latterman then you will love this. Im excited to put them on next tuesday at a secret house show im doing with my friend Lexie to celebrate being 22. Im gonna get Dave If You make it involved in this too coz its right up his and everyone who loves his website's street.

anyway, this is rad. download two demos HERE:

too good.