Friday, 14 December 2012

Losing Sleep

I'm back. Sorry im shit. I just saw that since i started this blog ive had 56,642 views which has kinda blown my mind so ive been inspired to start posting again. My first post is a band i hold very dear to my heart. Losing Sleep feature two of my best friends and hail from Kingston, London, not Jamaica. Think the great 90s emo mixed with 2000s pop punk but not shit like so many bands that try this. They just released a brilliant first ep that people are slowly becoming aware of. It is honest, and heartfelt and catchy with some great lyrics about events and issues close to the band member's hearts. Although they have been playing shows for a while now they are still very much a 'fresh' band and in my opinion a breath of fresh air to the diy punk scene in the uk. Sean, the bassist, runs Youth Camp Records (Ten Speed Bicycle, Loose Cannons, Nona, Jackals, Slow Science) and Liam, guitarist and vocalist plays in pop punk band Home Advantage. On the strength of their first release, i'm excited by this band and i can only see them getting better. Doing a mini tour at the end of January 2013 and im putting them on in Camden at the Black Heart with a pretty ridiculous lineup:
Download the demo here: and check out their tumblr here for news, merch and shit: x