Monday, 8 February 2010

Band of the Week - Never Again

I did something i rarely do on sunday which im glad i did but wont be repeating. Chris, singer of Hang the Bastard put on an all day mosh fest called 'Carry on Moshing' on in Camden at the Purple Turtle. i really dont like the 'mosh' side of hardcore and especially hate the violence that nearly always comes with it, this show being no exception with one guy taking it upon himself to make me hate him in the space of 5 seconds. I primarily came to this to see some friends, watch Abolition and Hang the Bastard and check out relatively new London Straight Edge band: Never Again. They have only been around since June 2009 but have already released two demo tapes and a 7", toured europe once and had hardcore kids across london going mental for them and are slowly making waves across the country. Never Again are a breath of fresh air for me and fill the gap that Nowhere Fast left (RIP :( )
I was sent the demos a few weeks ago and was impressed, catchy, really fast and the vocals were sick. 'enough is enough' immediately caught my attention and they reminded me of fast point and the first outbreak 7" so i looked forward to catching them live. They didnt disappoint, Luke may be one of the best frontmen ive seen in ages and they were triple the speed of the mp3s i had and the crowd went CRAZY, the song 'iron youth' in particular. They wear their beliefs on their sleeves and write songs from the heart and are definitely a london hardcore band im going to make sure i see more of. I just confirmed them to headline a sweet show im putting on march 28th @ the Fighting Cocks with Attack! Vipers! Mouth, Bonestorm and Can't Relate. You should come and see what the fuss is about for yourself, its justified.
I wish there were more bands in the UK that played this kind of hardcore. go see em live. They tour a lot. Luke kindly said i could upload their three releases so check em out below:
Thanks to Chris for putting on the show. No thanks to the violent prick.

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