Monday, 8 February 2010

Eagle Boys - Rad Garage punk from London

Can't find a pic, if you have one, hook me up please :)

A few weeks ago i got talking to a lovely man named Giles in the Fighting Cocks, Kingston and he told me about his old Garage Punk Band 'The Eagle Boys'. I was under the impression The Shitty Limits spawned the garage punk revival but it seems Eagle Boys did all along and the Shitty Limits played their first show with Eagle Boys.

Anyway. This is rad. Sounds like Angry Samoans, Regulations blah blah blah. I think Ellis is re- releasing this on Static Shock but in the mean time download the 7" below. Giles Said it was cool. Wish id seen this band. Great garage punk.

Download this, tell your friends and get dancing.


  1. I'm pretty sure Limits started at just before Eagle Boys. I know they played their first gig in Guildford with Pulling Teeth in April 2007. (Either way, neither band kicked off any kind of 'garage revival'!) Great band. No plans to reissue the recordings though! 3/4 of those guys are now in a band called Tough Troubles. You should also check out Soviet Valves and Extortion, who share members.

  2. I Believe the Limits played their first gig with the Eagle Boys at the GYC with Gorilla Angreb. Tim really wanted to put out the 7" posthumously (as did we), but Gigi is pretty usless and remembering to send on the recordings let alone reply to ET's text messages. Thanks for putting this up, it's the only way people would ever get to hear it and although back in the day neither band would aspire to wanting to start any kind of revival, it certainly did spawn something that allowed a lot bands to call their music 'garage punk' and for fans and press of the Limits to label them under that sub genre. We played a lot of good gigs with a lot of good bands - Gorilla Angreb, Lost Patrol Band, Pulling Teeth, The Vicious to name a few. I wish we had said yes to the La Piovra gig but sadly the Eagle Boys were wasting their time watching Wolf Pack in Brixton that night. If you're interested in listening to Tough Troubles please check out the myspace page at - it is however vastly different (we're all in our 30's and certainly wouldn't want to rehash or pull hernias in a young man's game).