Sunday, 4 April 2010

Post Shit Notes - Band of the Week

I use myspace to message bands for shows, a result of this is everyday i get a shit loads of friend requests from awful bands. I swore when i started 'this music is my life' that i would listen to every band i received a request from as you can find some unknown gems. Im so glad i followed through with this as Post Shit Notes are one of those hidden gems.
They Come from Guildford, Surrey and play fuzzy, fun, poppy garage punk and its fucking great. They Have nothing out yet but have three songs up for download which ive been listening to non stop for weeks. The best thing about Post Shit Notes, besides the name which is frankly genius, is the english swagger they have. This band would not be out of place in the late 70s playing with the Buzzcocks. Here are the three songs they have
Annoyingly they cant play any shows until after july as their singer/bassist is riding kangaroos in Australia. When he is backi will put em on.

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