Sunday, 4 April 2010

Grazes - Band of the Week

Firstly, apologies to people who actually read this. Ive been super busy/slack but its Easter sunday and ive got nothing to do so here are some bands you should check out!
Grazes are the first band of hopefully many who messaged me and liked the blog and wanted me to upload their first release which came out only recently. From Sheffield they play Hardcore Punk that i cant put my finger on but its really good. Fast, growling and harsh vocals, riffz, some stomping parts and some great basslines. I cant say at all who i think they sound like but im sure you can. I need to either put this band on or go and see them soon. This is a shit post but im struggling to come up with what to say about Grazes so ill let their music do the talking: if you like this buy it HERE:
Thanks guys for putting me onto your band. Good stuff.

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