Sunday, 29 August 2010

Atlas: Beauty and the Blues

If you read my shit regularly then you may remember me mentioning a real good hip hop band called ATLAS who feature on a Comadre mixtape with a sick song called 'delerium'. Dexter, the rapper in Atlas, messaged me asking if i wanted to host their debut album 'Beauty and the blues' and i definitely was not going to say no! Its fucking awesome. Like super awesome. I have no idea how to describe hip hop but this is basically fucking awesome and you should download it and let me know what you think.

Im totally stoked to host such a sweet record so please check it out. They Hail from California and are currently looking into finding a full band to start playing shows. So yeah keep your eyes peeled.

Here it is:



  1. I got given their album by a German guy and they are fucking awesome, amazing so few people know about them, even google has a hard time producing results. Easily the best album I've heard all year, every song is amazing! Major respect, keep making music

  2. Hey man I was wondering if you could email me at, I'm interested in getting in touch with ATLAS and the rapper Dexter.