Tuesday, 14 September 2010


My first memory of Giles was seeing him getting wanked off by his best friend Tom as part of a bet. It only really goes downhill from there. Just kidding, Giles is seriously a massive inspiration to anyone who just wants to get out there, play as many shows as possible, anywhere, any place, any time and sing from their heart.

When his ska band 'Frank Butcher and the Slags' split up Giles was lost so he picked up an acoustic and taught himself guitar, wrote some songs and then played them everywhere to anyone. toilets, gig queues, bedrooms, trains. Since then he has become a staple support slot in kingston, brighton, manchester and basically getting everywhere. If he can get a train he will play. He has supported some of his favourite bands and is building a strong following of backing singers. Watching him live, i get goosebumps. It really is an honour to have him as a friend as he is really 'living the dream' When i saw Against me the other week i did notice that Giles rips them off massively so of you like against me, billy bragg, frank Turner then you will like this. fuck it, if you like genuine, honest and inspiring music you should love this. Go and see him live and be humbled and blown away by his passion.

Giles just released his debut 7" following a split with We Grow Beards from Dorking and its amazing. It includes the Paint it Black cover, endorsed by Yemin haha and the 7 rules. You can Download it at the bottom of this post but you really should buy it: http://www.banquetrecords.com/cynicsep

I don't know how else to persuade you to check this out. Everytime i see him play and see people sing along i just feel more positive than ever. A true hero of the underground punk scene.

Nice one Ten Pumps

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