Monday, 13 December 2010

Some Sort of Threat (RORY) Dude of the Week

I first came across Rory at the Spraynard Swansea show back in the summer of 2009. He blew my mind to be honest. 16 years old and playing guitar better than anyone id seen play acoustic. Political, honest and unique and so so so young we can only expect bigger things. Already penned by many as the next Jon Shoe of the Cut Ups, Rory has a bright future and its a pleasure to be a friend. I picked up his demo and congratulated him after the above show and he has since released an album entitled 'Tangles' which you can download below. If you like Dave House, Gordon Ganos Army, Russ Substance, Weakerthans, ONSIND, Cynics and just general, honest folk music then check out both his EP (written when he was very young but showed so much promise) and his new album.
Im still yet to get Exter's finest to Kingston but hopefully soon. He is also in another band called False Arrests, you should check them out too
Enjoy. Drop him a line on his myspace and get him to play your garden, garage, venue, house. He will probably say yes.

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