Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snowing - Band of the week

There is a group on lastfm called 'Get Rad' dedicated to emo and from this group i discovered a tonne of bands and Snowing were one of the first i fell in love with. I remember some kid uploading this 5 track demo that did not even have song names. Twiddly, shouty and party and fucking catchy. I was hooked and head over heels. The proper ep then came out which you can download from the ever fantastic IFYOUMAKEIT site: track 5 is the jam, amazing demo. featuring ex members of Street Smart Cyclist who ive uploaded on here already: Snowing slay. I had the pleasure of meeting Nathaniel, one of the guitarists, in Philly the night after Kid Dynamite as i needed a place to stay. Turned out the guy who hooked me up was THE Sam Rudich of the Snowing song, they couldnt think of a name so just named it after their friend, too good. He played me the album their and i loved it. 'I could do whatever i wanted if i wanted' just came out this week and it rules. definitely gonna be in my top ten of 2010 so get involved if you love algernon (obvious comparison) cap n jazz, grown ups, spraynard, hightide hotel, by surprise, 1994 blah blah blah emo/philly rules.

Check out the new album here:

Come to the uk soon please guys. i want to party.

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