Monday, 31 January 2011

Dividers/Ten Speed Bicycle Split

Two of my favourite bands on these sunny shores and some of my favourite people have come together and created a masterpiece of twiddlyemopoppunkmagic and this is what i present to you today.

I have featured Swansea's Dividers on here before, check out their demo here: the four lads have come along way since that release and really honed their Get Bent/Latterman fast pop punk sound. These songs sound MASSIVE and are instantly stuck in your head. Zach shares some vocals on these songs and make a huge impact. Dual vocals fucking rule. Dividers are a passionate bunch of dudes who sing songs about their town, their scene and the ups and downs of life. Scott has added some noodly bits which is always awesome and Gavin's vocals have become even grittier yet still melodic. Basically this rules. If you like anything on Ifyoumakeit, No Idea records, Kiss of Death and diy punk with a heart then get involved in this. If i havnt sold it yet there is also a sound bite from the one and only Alan Johnson in Peep Show. Winner.

Ten Speed Bicycle have been mentioned a few times on this blog having played their first show at my Birthday house show but never had their own post because this is their first release bar a few great demos i was sent. Hailing from London, this is three friends who love capn' Jazz and the emo philly scene a LOT. From the two demos i had its crazy how far Ten Speed have come already as these four songs are again MASSIVE. Taking influence from bands like Grown Ups, Snowing, Cap'n Jazz, Saves the Day and their own lives this is fucking brilliant partytwiddlemo with an authentic english twist. Ive been in love with these guys since they started and this split has cemented them as one of mu favourite UK bands for sure. Kai has taken up vocals on this too creating some beatiful harmonies. So yeah dual vocals again for the win. Members of Can't Relate and best friends, Ten Speed feature some of the nicest and most down to earth people you will ever meet. And Jimmy never stops smiling.

If i havnt sold this to you then i think im wasting my time haha. Two awesome UK bands who have come leaps and bounds from when they started and this is only a sign of things to come.

Another exciting thing about this split tape is my best buddies Sean and Luke are co-releasing this with Gavin of Dividers' label. Sean and Luke (stab) just recently started Youth Camp Records and has already released the new Loose Cannons Demo which you should check out if you like Title Fight and fast pop punk. This is a new, exciting label that is as diy as they come and yeah im stoked. Check out their shiny new website and buy the split and say hello. Again, could not meet two nicer people Gavin's label What we should be doing is totally diy and totally rad too. re released the never gets dull Spraynard demo tape amongst others, check that out too

All thats left to say is buy this and then come and see the RELEASE SHOW in kingston at the fighting cocks on March 31st. Loose Cannons and Manchester party people WELL WISHER will be joining the shenanigans and its gonna be awesome, expect balloons and confetti cannons and mix tapes. COME. If this is too far away there is a mini tour for loose cannons and ten speed so check em out somewhere near you

31/03/11 - Kingston, Fighting cocks W/Dividers *(ten speed bicycle/Dividers split record selease show!)*
01/04/11 - Bristol, venue tbc W/Tireless
02/04/11 - Manchester, Venue tbc W/Dividers
03/04/11 - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum W/Allister & Rufio
04/04/11 - Brighton, The Hobgoblin W/Caves, From Plan To Progress & Corrigan*


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