Monday, 14 March 2011


So it has taken a random email from a dude called James from somewhere around the world for me to update this blog. Ive been mega slack and i guess busy which is going to be my excuse.

Anyways, enough bullshit. Ssssnakes hold a special place in my heart and their debut album has been worth the wait. I remember first seeing the swansea boys on one of my dumbest trips to date. It was the week my long term ex broke up with me and i thought fuck it, lets go on my own to Swansea and on the way ill write my Medical law coursework (which was in for the next day) The lineup was sweet: shitty limits, ssssnakes and Hygiene. I had heard the ssssnakes myspace tracks and was excited to see them and the lineup and stupidity and the fact it was as far as i could possibly get from home was all very appealing. They were fucking great. so sloppy and silly and fun and rocking plus they covered silly girl and yeah i was in love. Seemed like the best dudes too. from there a special bond was formed, i put them on soon after that in Kingston and last summer put them on with Good Luck and people who should, finally took notice. They are now a tight, wel oiled rock machine but stil fun as hell and catchy as. If you dig dead milkemen (their favourite band) descendents (who doesn't) and a bit of ac/dc and songs about girls, your favourite pet, skateboarding and living life to the max then you should check out their debut album 'Kissss Thissss' Its silly, its fun, it will have you headbanging and singing along in no time. featuring two thirds of the Arteries and Pugs, one of the greatest humans on the planet; this band are about best friends and having a good time.

I could write so much more but im feeling lazy so let the album do the talking. You can order it from specialist subject here: and you can download it here:

They are playing this friday at the Cricketers pub in Kingston with Bangers and Tireless and Bird Calls. Its gonna be ace. You should come.

Expect another post later tonight, hopefully.

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