Sunday, 28 August 2011

I'm Stranded is arguably one of the greatest punk records of all time and we have Australia's 'The Saints' to thank for that one. Formed in 1974 in Brisbane they described themselves as 'a punk group before it was fashionable' pre dating many key uk punk records. They received much criticism for their live show but this record and the follow up 'eternally yours' featuring horns amongst many other instruments are both perfection in mine and many other's eyes.

This is perfect pop punk. If you dig the ramones and want something fresh then check this out. The songs will be stuck in your head for months. Kissing cousins is my favourite.

P.S how fucking cool is that record cover!?

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  1. this is an awesome album Steve. just don't go and see them now...every saints show i've seen they've been well disappointing, they don't possess any of the excitedment of this record. btw i'm surprised its taken you so long to bring this record to attention mate!