Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Holy (Italy)

Last week i received a text from Dan of Hammers fame (they are back, believe) asking me if i wanted to put on this band called HOLY from Italy, he said it would be up my street. I listened, thirty seconds in i text daniel back, said it was great and then booked a venue. Holy are fucking raging. This is fast hardcore/scrEMO and definitely relevant to my interests. They list their influences as His Hero is Gone and infest and in pictures ive seen em wearing Government Warning and Kid Dynamite t shirts if that gives you more of a reason to check em out. There is a link below for their debut self titled EP which is excellent and about 8 mins long. holy shit. One of the members is in another great Italian band called Verme who did a split with Human Hands and they happen to be over in the uk this week. Playing Catch in Dalston this Saturday if any of you london types are at a loose end. Great support too: Ten Speed Bicycle, Bird Calls and Well Wisher.

This is fast, heavy, chaotic and angry hardcore punk with a message and their first record makes you take notice. Cannot wait to see them live, going to be intense. Holy are over here in May, Im putting them on May 3rd at the Black Heart pub in Camden, support to be announced. Its going to be the best thursday night you never had.


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