Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dead City Stereo - Band of the Week

Don't you hate it when you discover an awesome band AFTER they have broken up? I do. I also hate it even more when they are from the UK. I suck for missing the boat on this one.

Dead City Stereo hail from Exeter who seem to churn out bands (Cut Ups, The False Arrests, Brothers, Computers to name a few) and they play rip-roaring rock n roll punk. Sadly they split up a few months ago and i never even saw them. Jamie, bassist of The Arteries, was adamant that i would love them and i finally heard them last monday in the Van. I was singing along by the second listen. SO DAMN CATCHY. I remember all i said was 'wow' 'why did they split up' 'will they play again' 'can we make them play again' etc etc etc. Think a mix of None More Black, The Ringers, early Rancid and Down and Outs and you have Dead City Stereo. Jamie sent me through ten songs (all they have?) that they recorded before they split and ive listened to each song about 30 times in under a week, its that good. I got in touch with Ben, the singer in Brothers (who ill post about tomorrow) who was in Dead City Stereo and asked if i could upload the songs to this blog and make people aware and he said yes so here they are: Gates of hell is masssssive. The guitar work is soooo clean and yeah i just love it. This really would not look out of place on No Idea or Kiss of Death.

I guarantee you will be singing and whoa-ing by the second listen!

I'm so bummed i wont get to sing these songs live. Im gonna work on a reunion haha i understand one of the members moved to Australia though which might be a problem.

Enjoy. RIP.

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