Sunday, 13 December 2009

Top 12 songs of 2009

I could not cut it down to ten! Download all 12 songs at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think. They are in no particular order, that would be too hard!

1. Bangers: The Hard Way

When i first heard this song my first thought was 'Drop the Pop' by None More Black because it had an epic guitar intro. I was immediately in love. When Roo's vocal kicked in, i was drooling. Everything about this song is perfect. So many bits where you can put your fists in the air and scream your lungs out with your friends. They have yet to write a bad song and i do not think they will but this is my favourite. This song is track 1 on the Break the Habit Split 12". Buy it here: YEAH!

2. Nomos: The Most Dangerous Game

One of the 7"s of the year. Ripping, crushing hardcore on Deranged. I usually give myself a dead leg from punching myself while listening to this song. This is the opening track and kills. Think Tear it Up/Cut the shit. Really good.

3. The Shitty Limits: Transitions

Track 1, side 1 of the Shitty Limits Debut LP. If you know me at all you will know how much i love/go on about this band and i eagerly anticipated this record. This song opens with a stomping intro which makes me want to smash through walls. The guitar gets faster and Louis' distinctive snotty vocals kicks in and im spazzing out. Pure garage punk magic. Buy The LP from this rad label/distro and the cd was released in the UK by Boss Tuneage, buy it here:

4. Parasites: All the time in the world

This song gets stuck in my head all the time. Its catchy as hell. Think 'Nothing with you' by the greatest band ever. They totally rip it off but who cares. Long live Parasites. fun pop punk songs about girls. Like the Descendents/Ergs then you will like Parasites! This song is from the LP 'Solitary' links to buy it are up on their myspace. Enjoy singing this when you wake up in the morning. Makes me smile from ear to ear.

5. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Wrapped up

Another song that gets stuck in my head quite frequently. I love the dude's vocals and they way he sings 'yooooou' real good garage rock from Australia. From their second record 'Primary Colours' Order that and their first release here: holy shit i forgot how good the guitar solo is near the end!

6. Twisted: Track 04

FUCK THIS TRACK IS THE NUTS. Reminds me of the Wipers and i guarantee the chorus will be stuck in your head for months. I dont even know what he says but i sing it all the time. This is the one from one of the best bands ive heard in years.

7. Marked Men: Ghosts

Ghosts is Marked Men's forth and last :( album and it rips from start to finish. Total Ramonescore but done in that unique marked men way. This for me is one of the standout tracks but they dont really have any weak songs. All about the guitar and the electronic effects in this song. Massive. I hate this band. Please reform and play shows! Heartbreakers.

8. Spraynard: '84 Sheepdog

2009 was all about Spraynard. 3 dudes from West Philly who play Latterman style beats and do it really fucking well. I had the pleasure of following them around the country in the summer and putting them on and getting to know them all. I miss them dearly and all three are the nicest dudes ever. I could have chosen any song but i chose this one because the first time i heard it the chorus really got to me and i remember messaging the bassist Mark and telling him. I had to to get over a horrible break up this year and if it wasnt for my friends, punk rock and putting on shows it would have been a lot harder than it has been. The chorus to this song reads 'thank you my friends for taking me back to where i should have been all along, all the nights i spent alone should have been spent with you' Thank you my friends <3 Spraynard.

9. Fashanu: Yoko Ono v Bob Hoskins... Go!

I cant remember how exactly but i came across this song on the Discount Records Myspace page and just fell in love with everything about this track and band. I listen to this song daily and it never gets old. I had the pleasure of putting their first southern show on and i was so confident people would love them and they did. This marked the first time i really felt i had achieved something by putting on smaller/unknown bands so thanks Fashanu. Song is posi to the max and they even high five during it when playing live. I guarantee after a few listens this song will be stuck in your head too! Gives me goosebumps.

10. By Surprise: CB Radio

I feel i go on about this song too much but i say not enough. The last minute and 20 seconds of this song escalates it from great to OH MY GOD I JUST CAME. Seriously. I need to see this song live before i die. I hope you are reading this By Surprise! COME TO THE UK.


massive tune.

11. SSSSNAKES: Dont Tread on Us

This was the first ssssnakes song i ever heard and my initial thoughts were 'damn! this is FUN' I get the guitar riff stuck in my head daily and often myself walking around punching my fist in the air and shouting 'hey!' dad thinks im nuts. The ending to this song makes me smile every time: 'we're the ssssnaaaaakessssssaaaaaa' RAD. Came out on a split with bangers, only 50 copies. You missed out. LP soon. Keep your eyes peeled, dont tread on them.

12. RVIVR: Plenty of time:

As soon as Shorebirds closed the chapter on their short lived punk story, Matt Canino had a new band waiting in the wings and they are RVIVR. This sounds like Shorebirds but with a female on dual vocals. It rips. I get 'GET YOUR ASS OUT THE FRONT DOOR' stuck in my head a lot. So much fun. Track down both their 7"s for a party in your pants.


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  1. Awesome mix, you should message all the bands and tell them!