Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle

I don't think enough people are aware of the brilliance of Zero Boys. Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana they surprised everyone with one of the best Hardcore Records of the 80's (1982). With the hardcore scene being centred around LA, Washington and New York, Zero Boys came of out of nowhere with their buzzing guitars, soaring choruses, teen angst and socially aware lyrics. You could describe them as a faster, harder Ramones. They set a precedent for hardcore punk bands today and will continue to influence bands for many years to come.
Download this seminal record below. I reckon/hope they will come to the UK soon, they headlined No Way Fest last year and the live videos look insane.
One of my favourite records ever. Hope you love it as much
Welcome to the vicious circle

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  1. duuude your'e the best for putting this download up! made my day 100%