Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tigers Jaw - Band of the Week

Tigers Jaw play beautiful, upbeat and catchy music. Yet again another awesome band to come out of Philly and a band i had no idea were so popular over here. I went to a hardcore all dayer a few weeks ago and the Tigers Jaw LP was played over the PA the whole gig and loads of people were singing along. I thought id message the band and tell them this and see if i could upload their shit to my blog and Dennis kindly agreed. This is a long overdue post but there are just too many bands and not enough time! Anyways this is perfect summery pop punk/indiemo. If you dig Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, American Football, Slingshot Dakota, Lemuria and the like then im pretty sure you will fall in love with this. The album slays. Great mix of songs and one song that WILL get stuck in your head. I, like a lot of people, really hope this band comes over soon but the fact that Tigers Jaw havnt even toured the US yet shows we have a bit of a wait. They are still in college and lacking in funds but i imagine when they do come over it will be a big deal. Don't sleep on this. It rules 2008 EP LP

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