Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pirouette - Thinking in Subtitles

Pirouette are another amazing band from Philly who i doubt ill ever have the pleasure of seeing. They have been around since 2006 and its crazy how they arnt more popular considering the reaction algernon cadwallader get in the US and in Europe. They play a perfect brand of twiddlemopop and have the catchiest songs and the most beautiful instrumental parts and the vocals are superb. I could gush over this album forever. Im not sure they even exist anymore and if they do im pretty sure its just two of them. Either way if you dig algernon cadwallader/cap n jazz, grown ups, by surprise, promise ring, everyone everywhere(who feature members of pirouette and just released a new LP, get involved) blah blah blah then download this and let me know what you think. This record is worth it for 'Clinton wasn't on a bill, he was one' alone. Best love song.
Im going to Philly in August to see Kid Dynamite. I would LOVE to see Pirouette too, may be my only chance.

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