Sunday, 20 June 2010

Street Smart Cyclist - Band of the Week

Street Smart Cyclist were incredible. From Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley they were at the forefront of the emo/math/rock revival in America and all the bands that exist now doing this would have taken some influence from Street Smart. You could argue the one 7" they released and the the unreleased acoustic demo and one unreleased song is better than most bands full discogs. They are THAT good.
After one tour of half of the east of the US they had their equipment stolen in North Carolina and split up shortly after that. Their memory will live on for many years in all the bands doing this sound in philly and the surrounding area and again im gutted ill never see this band or get to scream to 'Hoods Up' in my lifetime. This is as good as it gets.
Members went on to form Snowing who slay. ill post about 'em soon.
Anyway here is the short but minblowing discog. one 7", one acoustic ep and two unreleased songs

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