Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Saved Latin

So a band messages me with a list of cool twinkly emo/post-hardcore influences and they happen to live outside London. WIN. Also say they have played shows with Ten Speed Bicycle and Attack! Vipers! so i was impressed. I have a listen to the song on their myspace and im into it. twinkly, ambient lo-fi post hardcore.

The swines in Well Wisher pulled out of the Ten Speed Bicycle/Dividers release show so i couldnt think of a more suited replacement than I Saved Latin.

Because im so nice to you i decided to upload the two songs that they have up for download so you can check em out before the show. They live just outside London so you might see more of them. They list their influences as American football, Braid, Death Cab for Cutie and Hey Mercedes so if thats your bag, check it out!

Come and see them Thursday and where a Hawaiian shirt.

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