Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Loose Cannons

Loose Cannons have been around for a little while now and i think its time any pop punk fans got into this coz they are rather good at what they do. Having just completed a mini tour with Ten Speed Bicycle, i had the pleasure of putting on the Kingston leg of the tour and it was the best ive seen the ladz play. They just have the mid 90s pop punk sound and the newer stuff aka title fight, brand new nailed. My best buddy in the whole world, Sean just released their debut on tape which i urge you to pick up as i dont think he has many left, go check out http://youthcamprecords.bigcartel.com/ and pick up the ten speed/dividers split too! These boys hail from Kent and are slowly being noticed and making a name for themselves. I can see this band going far so do not sleep on this if bands like title fight, tigers jaw, the starting line and Brand New are your bag. They are all true punk kids and are heavily influenced by Latterman and Saves the Day amongst others. Two members are in a hardcore/power violence band 'Ripped to Shreds' who rip and the drummer is in a sweet hot snakes kinda band called ' Great Ancestors' and both are well worth investigating.

Title Fight are touring soon so lets hope that Loose Cannons get asked to play a few dates and get noticed. They are also playing Hevy Fest in Kent and sharing the stage with the likes of Lemuria and DING so go to that as well. Looks fun.

Here is a download of the demo, released on tape by Youth Camp records. Check it, buy it. Get emotional.


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  1. Kind of bummed that Loose Cannons couldn't play the last night of their tour here in Brighton... dug all of the other bands a lot!