Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Crash of Rhinos - Distal

Oh mannnnn ive been so pumped on the debut release from the Derby Emo/post hardcore rockers ever since i first saw them when i put them on with Wooderson early last year. Ive just finished my first listen of the record 'Distal' and fucking hell it sounds MASSIVE. I remember watching them with my jaw on the floor, was totally blown away and i asked them if they had anything out. Said they were recording in Italy? and a record would be out soon after. Just over a year later and 'Distal' is here. Epic, twinkly, heavy, loud, beautiful and marvelous are words that spring to mind while i sit here avoiding law revision.

Its got bits of American Football, bits of Braid, and bits of all those US bands that are going around at the mo like Grown Ups, By Surprise and Snowing but does not sound like them which rules. Also got that northern gruff punk charm that the UK has, highlighted in tracks like 'Closure' Its Ex Little Explorer so it was never going to be shit. Seriously great emo in the same kinda vein but less 'punk' than this. Definitely worth investigating.

Im finally getting them back to Kingston July 30th for a matinee mixed bill gig of awesomeness with Sundials from the US, Social Club, Caves and Crash of Rhinos. Its going to be aces.

Fuck this record gets better after every listen. Please download this, i guarantee you wont be disappointed.

oh mannnnn. Nice one lads. So good.

A double gatefold vinyl should be out soooon from these guys: http://www.robatriste.com but until then download the record here:



  1. thanks man! can't wait for the preorder. been waiting for this for too long.