Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spraynard - Funtitled

I am currently half way through the ninth listen of my buddies in Spraynard's second full length 'Funtitled' and oh my fuck its incredible. Incredible does not do this justice. I cannot comprehend how far these guys have come since i first heard the demo and saw them tour the UK. It is a testament to friends who want to just play together and share their message to the world.

Im finding it hard to put into words how good this is. The lyrics are mind blowing. Ive had to go back and re listen to certain bits. Spooky, scary is track of the year for sure. This is heartfelt, honest and beautiful song writing about families, friends, music and sticking together through anything that comes your way. Not one song is recognisable from the other, the instrumental bits are perfect, each member has improved so much since the last release and they will only get better. Dos' singing on this record adds yet another dimension and brings it all together. This is the most emo record ive heard in ages and also the most punk. Quite a feat.

Oh man this is so fucking good. I just urge you to download it immediately if you liked anything by them previous to this or just like pop punk or music. Just download it. Proof of how good this is can be seen in how this has had 2,076 downloads in a DAY. UNreal. This is out on Asian Man Records soon but until then download it from Ifyoumakeit. I cannot wait to see them in San Francisco at Asian Man Fest and i cannot wait to scream these lyrics so fucking loud.

This has given me so many goosebumps and made me smile so many times and i cannot see this getting old. 'Not good enough, Gary' has bought me close to tears.

Mark, Dos and Pat. You rule. Congratulations on a perfect record <3 !

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