Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fest 8

Having been to Fest 7 in Gainesville last year and had one of the best weekends of my life i was so excited about going again this year. Alas a spontaneous trip to New York to see Streetlight Manifesto and having no job means that i wont be going this year.

I know a lot of you are so this is a special 'Fest 8' post, listing all the bands i think you should check out, the UK bands you must see and and a cheeky podcast thing at the end with one song from every band ive mentioned. Im not sure if it is happening next year but if it is you really should go. Imagine one long punk rock show with a bunch of your favourite bands, all your friends and enough pizza to eat and root beer to drink to last you forever and on top of that crazy warehouse, house, garden, parking lot shows full of covers and crowdsurfs. Fest is THE ultimate weekend.

There is a good contingent of UK bands this year and some of my favourites are playing. One being The Arteries: I confess that the first few times i saw the Arteries i wasnt into them and thought they were pretty weak. Over the last year they have become one of the best bands in the country, blowing any venue they play in the country apart and gaining a loyal legion of fans. Think 90's skatepunk with inspirational and sometimes positive lyrics with every song carrying a message and a long haired shouting/screaming frontman and guitar solos to die for. I can only see this band getting more and more popular. One of the most hardworking and DIY bands out there. If you arnt going to fest make sure you check em out live anyway coz they slay. Buy their debut album too: definitely one of the best releases this year. Nicest dudes too.

Next up you should check out Bangers: another of my absolute favourites and again the nicest dudes. Think all the best bits of none more black and fifth hour hero with Roo's gruff as fuck vocal over the top. Band kills it every time and are yet to release a bad song. They recently released a split 10" with Brighton's Break the Habit: who play Latterman-esque beats so you should definitely pick that up: brilliant record.

Other UK bands playing you should check out are two piece against me style punk rock. You wont see many bands with as much passion as these guys. are also bringing their two man melodic punk rock to Florida, download their latest album for free here: nice one Craig. More infection fist-in-air punk rock from Relatively new on the scene will be bringing their own brand of None More Black punk rock too.

Bangers/Arteries/Brothers and OK Pilot conveniently released a split 7" to commemorate playing Fest so you should order that if you dig what you hear. Label has some great releases coming up:

My buddy Chaddock has started a live video blog which has videos of all the UK bands ive listed. Check it out because he is the best and the blog is the best.

Im going to recommend you see the following bands:

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  1. Will try to bring you back some root beer, sexy