Friday, 23 October 2009

Social Circkle - Band of the Week

Every week im going to try and keep a 'Band of the Week' and this week it has to be massachusetts' very own SOCIAL CIRCKLE. Basically this band fucking rips. Fast, snotty american 80's hardcore revival. I suck at describing bands so i'll let their demo do the talking: Since this they have released two 7"s: 'Static eyes' and 'i've got afflictions' and just released their debut LP 'City Shock' which is one of my favourite releases this year for sure. The best thing about this band right now is starting this coming monday they are on a mini UK tour! if you like what you hear please please go and see them, i doubt you will get the chance again any time soon. They are hitting up the following places:

Monday 26th - The Greenhouse Effect, Brighton w/ Nowhere Fast, The Hard Way, Teen Sheiks
Tuesday 27th - Royal Park Cellars, Leeds w/ Nowhere Fast, Dogfight
Wednesday 28th - The 13th Note, Glasgow
Thursday 29th - Next To Nowhere, Liverpool w/ Hot Club De Paris, Nowhere Fast, Bow and Arrow
Friday 30th - "The Big Takeover III": Lower Clapton Road, London w/ The Wankys, Methodist Centre + more

Friday is basically gonna slay: Everyone should come,

Lineup is all kinds of good.

Nowhere Fast are one of my favourite UK bands. Totally raging and fast hardcore from liverpool in an SOA vein. Download their demo for free here:

Skiplickers are a band ive wanted to catch for ages. Dirty D beat crust from Sheffield featuring Bry from one of the best lifetime/kid dynamite rip off bands money can buy, Cop Out If you have sense, buy the 7". Its ace.

Sceptres are fun time garage punk in an X, X Ray Spex vein and i was sad tro hear they had split up but obviously they havnt which is brilliant news. Bryony who sings for Sceptres is putting the show on so go and support an awesome all ages DIY show.

Im excited for the other supports as ive not heard either. Ill review the show and let you know how it was. Makes up for missing the Fest this year anyway!

So yeah check out Social Circkle, go catch em live, pick up their LP and support DIY shows.

Listening now: Jurassic 5 hip hop innit.

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