Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Social Circkle and more, Brighton 26/10/09

This show totally lived up to expectations and was worth the ridiculous one bus and three trains, three hour journey to Brighton. I hate living in the middle of nowhere...

After the worst 'burrito' ever and mixing popping candy and coke (didnt work sam) four friends and i headed to the Greenhouse Effect in Hove. I'd been once before to see play his unique brand of acoustic ska so i was doubley excited about this show as i knew how intimate a venue it was. As i walked in the first thing i saw was a distro and in front of it a dude was holding the Weezer Blue LP, i couldnt believe my eyes and walked home with that bad boy. Im so stoked haha.

First band to play was THE HARD WAY from Brighton: who i rather enjoyed. I cant describe/compare bands but check out their demo. Great guitar solo in one of the songs. No nonsense, no frills hardcore They said they might release a tape, here's hoping

Place was gradually filling up as TEEN SHEIKHS: came on stage. This band were so much fun and reminded me of Lovvers which is never a bad thing. Distorted vocals, fun poppy guitars and immediately my head is bopping and my feet want to dance. Their debut tape is sold out but ill try and pick up any new releases. Check em out if you like stuff on the Fashionable Idiots label:

So two bands down and thumbs up. Next up were Liverpool's NOWHERE FAST: who i have loved ever since i heard their demo Super fast, to the point hardcore in an SOA vein: Fucking amazing. This was my third time seeing them and they get tighter each time. Top performance tonight, roll on seeing em again on friday in London. I cant help but think about VOID when i watch the guitarist. Please check out Void: listen to that and then pick up the FAITH/VOID split 12" its essential.

Greenhouse Effect is really hot now and people await Social Circkle. Social Circkle are one of those bands i never expected to see unless i went to the US and caught them so i was stoked on this tour. They did not disappoint one bit. Fast, garagey hardcore with singalongs and stage presence to boot. Played songs from both 7"s, their demo and their new LP: City Shock and it was spot on. No one danced but the whole room was nodding its head. Im sure London is going to be a party.

Whole night was ace, nice one Ralph for putting it on. Its rare to go to a show where i enjoy every band on the bill and this happened tonight! London on Friday is going to be a lot of fun!

Listening now: THE BOYS: The Boys Ralph who put this show on actually got me into this band. The Boys were a major part of the first wave of punk bands in the UK and the first UK punk band to sign an album deal in January 1977. Absolutely amazing keyboard heavy punk pop. Get their debut record, its just incredible.

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