Friday, 23 October 2009


Having said that id start a blog during the summer i thought it was about time i did so hear it is. I just failed my degree and have had to move home and have a lot of spare time on my hands so im going to use this blog as a place to ramble about anything music that tickles my fancy and also review records, shows, upload some songs i think you might like and use it as a place to promote bands i love and hopefully the shows im going to start putting on when i get a job.

So yeah, this will be choc full of bad grammer, opinions, an attempt at knowing what im talking about and some rad music.

Hope you enjoy.
Oh, the name 'this music is my life' is inspired by one of my favourite bands and the band that got me into hardcore, the genre i now listen too most, The Steal you can download everything they have released/done for free as they recently split up, the fuckers. Just click on 'records' on the left and enjoy. One of the most inspirational, honest and amazing bands to exist, the song Worldwide world pretty much changed my life. Who knows, i could be at law school right now heading toward a future of boredom and 9-5.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much im going to enjoy writing it and hopefully you will get something out of it.
Thanks, Stephen

Listening now: amazing super fun power pop fromToronto, Canada featuring Ben (Career Suicide)

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  1. Such a good blog Stevey! So glad you started it. Hope you're good xx