Friday, 1 January 2010

Cold Ones (are gonna ruin your night)

Cold Ones are another one of those bands that sum up the spirit and meaning of DIY punk. A band doing it for themselves, with their friends and having fun but being fucking brilliant all the same. They Come from Liverpool and play a unique thrash/hardcore/street-punk sound that cant really be pigeonholed. writing mainly about skateboarding, drinking (hence the name) and how messed up the world is they are a band you cannot appreciate fully until you see them live. The records are great but live they are something else. They have arguably one of the most intense, crazy and in my opinion best frontmen in the UK, shredding guitars and they always look like they are having fun when they play and genuinely glad to be playing which is a rare thing these days. They all either skate or ride BMX, most of them draw for fun and for skate companies (singer russ does this: and he just sent me a sweet calender which he makes every year. They print their own t shirts, i asked for a pink one and i received a pink one, book their own tours and are some of the friendliest dudes i know. They will happily camp out in the woods after a show and they are all about the adventure of being on the road. Songs like 'Get in the Van' sum this band are up me.

One of the shows of 2009 for me was seeing Cold Ones at 1am in the tiny St Moritz Club in Soho, london. They went insane, The crowd went insane, the walls were jagged and hurt but no one seemed to care. This band will go into a frenzy and drag you down with them but you will love every second. They recently stole the show at Punk N Bowl in london and it seems people are finally taking notice who should have a long time ago. They have announced a tour across the UK supporting Jamie T, i urge you to go to a date if you can. Check out their myspace for upcoming tour dates: and buy their records if they have any left!

I could talk about this band all day as i love everything about them and ive had the pleasure of putting them on twice and everytime ive seen them its always been amazing. I'll shut up and let their music do the talking. I have permission to upload everything they have released so far so here you go, Happy New Years, go drink some Cold Ones:

CRACK IT DEMO: First release i think
S/T 7": The first record i heard by them that made me go see 'em live
Stay Thirsty: 2nd 7"
Mr Miyagi Split: Latest 7"
Disappearing man: from the 5 Way Town Clock Records split

Enjoy and please do go see them live!


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