Sunday, 14 March 2010

SPRAYNARD - This band could be your life

2009 was all about Spraynard. From my best buddy Sean receiving an email from Sean of Runner Up Records (sweet label, get into it) with a link to their demo, to listening to it and being BLOWN AWAY and then getting to know them on facebook, helping book a uk tour, finally meeting them and then following the whole uk tour around in the summer and to top it all getting my first tattoo which was the Spraynard logo. This band and that tour encompass everything i love about music.
Mark, Pat and Dos are three vegan snack eating/ video gaming kids from West Chester, Pennsylvania and they are three of the nicest dudes you could ever meet. They have only been around a year and a half but have already released a demo tape, two splits and recently released their debut LP on Runner Up Records and all their releases rule. They play a sweet mix of Latterman/Get Bent and one of their best biggest influences is 'Plow United' an old West Chester band who they all grew up listening too and gave them the inspiration to start a band. Spraynard have been working hard to 'save' their scene by organising house shows, booking on tour bands to play their town and re energising a tired scene. An inspiration to any band just starting who prove that you can just pick up instruments, release records and tour the otherside of the world. A testiment to DIY.
Last summer i was living on a sofa, awaiting retakes and earning about 50 pounds a week to hold a sign in the street. I sold some records, saved two weeks wages and followed them around the country on mega buses and trains and in cars with my friends. It was one of the best times of my life and i have to thank anyone that put a show on, put me and my friends up and went and supported these guys, Break the Habit for being their tour buddies and making it happen and Spraynard for actually coming over! Special thanks to Sean for ensuring it was one of the best times of my life.
Ive uploaded the discog so go nuts. You can still buy the LP in most distros and from Runner Up Records, buy the Dave House LP too, he and it are the best. You can pick up the splits too, keep your eyes open. Captain We're sinking Split Debut Album, Cut and Paste

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