Monday, 8 March 2010

Comadre - DIY OR DIE

Comadre are fucking rad! It took me a while to realise this despite seeing them destroy a warehouse at Fest 7. About 6 months ago i finally took the time to check em out and was blown away by the record 'Burn Your Bones' Its frantic, its angry, its melodic in places and then full on screamo and it plain fucking rules. Just from looking through pics i can see that their shows are insane and people go mental for this band and rightly so. If you dig Ampere, Refused and Punch then you will be into this.
Hailing from RADwood City, California, Comadre are as DIY as they come. Following 5 years of destruction they have released two LPs, couple of EPs, a split, a ridiculous amount of tours across the world and made a bunch of friends along the way.
They have their own blog where they upload mixtapes that include their songs and their friend's bands. Ive discovered some cool bands through this in particular awesome hip-hop band ATLAS and raging hardcore in the form of Glasses so thanks Comadre. Check it out:
Kenny has kindly said its cool for me to upload some stuff so here are their two LPs and one mixtape for you to check out. I guarantee you will be screaming along in 5 listens max.
I'm unbelievably stoked to say that they are coming to the uk in July with Punch and yeah go see them or fail forever. Ill post up the dates closer to the time.

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  1. I totally agree.. comadre is awesome! :)
    Any news about tickets yet?? :)