Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Self Destruct - UK Hardcore RIP

Self Destruct are a ridiculously underrated UK hardcore band who are sadly defunct now but i feel you need to know about them. Hailing from Leeds, they started in 2005 and finished i guess in 2008. I asked to put them on and got a reply saying we are finished, i hope i wasnt the reason haha! Im assuming the name is in reference to the Adolescents song of the same name so you can tell this is gonna be ripping 80s influenced hardcore. That is exactly what you get but with the addition of a rock n roll tinge. They clearly love Negative Approach and bands like Government Warning, Adolescents and Zero Boys (Even cover 'Outta style') I never got to see this band and im massively bummed out about this as the two 7"s i have are sweet. The second one 'All my friends are dead' has the BEST artwork as you can see in the pic on the left, i urge you to buy this record and the other one for the artwork alone. You can play find all the hardcore records on the sleeve.

I havnt asked permission coz i didnt want to wait ages for a response but here is the debut Self Titled 7" and the second 7". As always buy these if you can. Enjoy. Spread the word. Band rules. RIP


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