Monday, 10 May 2010

MOUTH - Band of the Week

Mouth are a new band from Leeds/Sheffield. I remember listening end of last year and immediately loving it and messaging them to play a show in Kingston. I had the pleasure of putting them on in March with a bunch of my fave uk bands and they were fucking amazing. They sound like Limp Wrist so you know its not shit. Here is their debut Demo 7" Im putting them on again before they head off to Europe on tour with Closure, another rad and fast band from the north. Keep June 16th free, its gonna be an experiment as im putting the show on in Bacchus before Banquet Records' fortnightly punk/emo clubnight 'New Noise' gonna be fun. If you like listening to actual records then message the band and pick up the debut 7" and keep your eye out for an upcoming 4 way split with Bonestorm, Closure and Torn Apart, again all great bands

I was meant to use this blog as a place to promote my upcoming shows but ive been super slack and failed. If anyone cares here is the flyer for the show Mouth played. Check out all the bands im pretty sure you will enjoy.

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