Monday, 10 May 2010

Statues - Band of the Week

Ive loved Statues for a while but stupidly missed their last uk tour coz im an idiot. I jumped at the chance to put them on in guildford and thats exactly what i did on the friday just passed. Definitely the nicest and coolest overseas band ive put on to date. It ruled just to be able to talk about kbd bands, the thriving canadian scene and the Weakerthans. Statues play super fun power pop/punk ala marked men, ramones, Tranzmitors and do it better than most. With a sound like that you probably guessed they were canadian. They even cover The Sods 'Television Sect' which they played both times i saw them which was a nice surprise. Mitch kindly said i could upload their latest record 'Holiday Cops' They have three albums and about a hundred 7"s so hunt em down and get dancing in your room. Here is that record: its total party.

I lost the most ive lost on a show on friday but it was definitely one of best shows ive put on. Check out the rest of the bands who played. My friend Ian drew this awesome flyer

thanks for being rad Statues, hope they come back soon. Thanks to anyone who came to the show too. The Shitty Limits played after curfew was a real treat.

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