Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Wipers - Band of the Week

I post about so many great bands from Portland, Oregon and you could argue that many would not exist if it was not for the Wipers. Formed in 1977, Wipers were one of the early purveyors of the punk genre in America. Guitarist Greg Sage looked at music as art rather than entertainment and thought music was personal to the listener and not the commodity. With this in mind they started off as a recording project and never planned to advertise or tour. The plan was to release 15 LPs in ten years. It soon became apparent this would never work. music is a business after all. Sage learned that he could never be a true artist. In 1979 their debut record 'is this real' was released and is still hailed today as one of the greatest punk albums despite at the time, never being or wishing to be a punk band. Heavy distortion, tight song strcuture, driving vocals with words being spat out and amazing lyrics. this band fucking ruled and you should definitely check out their debut record below and also 'over the edge' and 'youth of america' all inspired. Recently been repressed by Greg and Jackpot records, hunt them down. Dont be fooled, they may seem like an arty band with arty fans but this is perfect 80s punk.

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