Monday, 10 May 2010


A couple of weekends back Nowhere fast played their last two shows, one in London and one in Leeds and then called it a day. I only had the honour of seeing this band three times but each time they blew me away. Totally nailed the SOA, Void, Negative FX side of hardcore and them calling it a day is a massive loss to the UK hardcore scene.
I first met Tom, who was the singer, when he drummed for Cold Ones, he was wearing a Self Destruct t shirt and consequently got me into that band. Good Dude. It took a long time for me to see them but when i finally did it was totally worth the wait. One of the best guitarists ive seen in the uk by far and so much energy on stage and so much fun. Im totally gutted they have gone. As much as i tried i never did get the chance to put them on and to top it all i was too dead to go to the last London show which ive seen evidence off and been told, slayed. Oh well.
im totally rambling but yeah this band rules. If you never saw them, gutted. If you did, you know what im talking about. They have kindly put their discography: a demo and debut 7" and some covers up for download so check that out here: You can still pick up their record from Mind Rot Records in Virginia who released it
Tom and Ad formerly of Nowhere Fast have already started a new Band called Amateur Video and you can download their demo here: Good garage punk. I'm into it. Definitely going to try and put them on.
Hope you enjoyed the ramble.

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