Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Myles Pereira - Of Pears and Figs

I met Myles a few years ago through mutual friends and a love of hardcore and at the beginning of the year a video emerged of Myles playing a banjo around a fire somewhere in the woods. To put it simply his voice blew my mind. I had no idea he even sang so it was such a surprise.

i spoke to him about how much i loved his voice one night in Kingston and said i wanted to put him on and so on April 6th i saw him live for the first time. it was unreal. He swapped between acoustic guitar and a banjo and had these beautifully crafted songs and the most amazing voice. the whole room was dead silent and everyone was in awe. country/folk/bluegrass straight from the heart.

coz im a dick i had no idea his debut ep was up for free download and has been for a few months now. Myles wants everyone to hear it so hopefully you will check it out. When i listen to this ep i just feel like im walking through the woods towards a log cabin on top of a mountain and a roaring fire waiting for me. This music paints a picture in your mind. So good.

I have not read the lyrics but he describes them as 'bittersweet' i think its uplifting yet emotional. my first listen ten minutes ago i got goosebumps. i think you will too.

I doth my cap Myles. Hopefully get some full band stuff next... i cannot wait.

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