Monday, 27 September 2010

Jean Mills Society Torch

Ive been meaning to upoad this record for ages. After i saw Deep Sleep at Fest 7 i got chatting to the drummer Mike for ages and he told me about a bunch of rad bands and his great label: Wallride Records and gave me a few records to take home and check out. This was one of them. Super hyper pissed of thrash/hardcore from Maryland featuring members from a tonne of ex and current bands inclduing deep sleep. The lyrics to this record are hilarious, poking fun at the police, education and and how music isnt metal enough anymore to give a few examples. I fucking love this 7" and i hope you do to. Don't think they played many shows and this is definitely hard to find so check it out. The guitar solos alone will make you air guitar your arse off and i guarantee you will be hadbanging by mid way through. Killer record.


  1. Dude, could you please make some better rip of this one?
    V0 would be nice.
    The material is really cool but it sounds way worse then most of the others.
    Thanks in advance.